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Ten Things To Ask Your Accountant

Wed, 2015-03-25 10:24
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SCORE, mentors to America’s small businesses, recently announced the winners of The American Small Business Championship, a program supported by Sam’s Club.  

Creative Cottage in Merrimack won the award for New Hampshire.

Creative Cottage - NH Winner of The American Small Business Championship

2015 Payment Alternatives When You Owe the IRS

Sat, 2015-03-14 08:19

During this free webinar, IRS personnel will provide an overview of the prerequisites to Collection case resolution, Online Payment Agreements, Collection Information Statements and selling or refinancing property when there is a tax lien.  The webinar will also include a live question and answer session with IRS subject matter experts.  


T3 Scientific, LLC

Problem: Many companies, universities and governmental agencies need gases or other materials in their research and production operations. However, separating that specific material is energy intensive and, in many cases, very expensive.

Challenge:  Develop a reliable, energy-efficient and cost-effective way to separate the needed materials from other components and to do so in a way that meets purity specifications.          

Solution:  With an understanding that an enormous market exists for separation processes, Dr. Andy Tsai and his wife Dr. Siu-Yue Tam started T3 Scientific in 2004. They developed more innovative ways to separate hydrogen, carbon dioxide and other materials that were required in both production and laboratory fields.

Dr. Andy Tsai and Dr. Siu-Yue Tam
My Location
1630 91st Avenue NE, Suite 101
Blaine MN 55449
United States
My Successes

Business Description: T3 Scientific has their office/lab in Blaine Minnesota. Their primary business is membrane separation technology. They are currently collaborating with small and large businesses as well as universities on projects to develop new and more innovative membrane separation technologies.

Grants/Awards: T3 Scientific has been awarded eleven separate governmental grants for their cutting-edge technologies. Even before the formation of the company, their patented membrane technology was named one of the major breakthroughs in research by Euromembrane. More recently, the company was awarded the prestigious Tekne Award for 2014 in the Advanced Manufacturing category.

The Future:  The long-range goal is to continue to expand the business with their new products and to develop new innovations in separation technologies.

What's Great About My Mentor?

“SCORE makes high quality business advice available to small businesses like ours. Bob’s advice has been instrumental in our decision making.” – Dr. Siu-Yue Tam, Co-Owner.

How SCORE Helped

SCORE’s Involvement:  After a few years in business, Andy and Siu-Yue realized that they had certain questions related to business in general. They learned that SCORE provided free business assistance and decided to contact the St. Paul chapter. Bob Reid, who has a Chemical Engineering education and a background in technical consulting, was assigned as their mentor. Bob was able to answer their business questions and assist with editing grant proposals.

See the PDF file for this Success Story.

Workshop Poster 2nd. qtr. 2015

Baby Otter Swim School dives in for a makeover

Fri, 2015-02-20 04:56

Baby Otter Swim School made its first steps with their  five-day “Turn, Kick, Reach” program. In the early days, their instructors traveled to the home pools of their students. Then for many years, the company leased pool space to offer lessons.

The Event Planner and Pressplae

Can you imagine creating not one, but two successful businesses? Elizabeth Reed did just that. While earning her Master’s degree at Norfolk State University, she worked as an event coordinator for the college radio station. This experience inspired her to create her company The Event Planner.

Elizabeth’s love and pride for her community runs deep, and she wanted to showcase the neighborhood. She created Pressplae, a video blog which highlights local talent, music, events, fashion, arts and news. She describes the vlog as “a show designed to positively exploit the unexploited.” She and her crew visit a local business or event weekly, and Pressplae’s episodes recently debuted on Cox11 in Hampton Roads, VA.

As if growing two businesses wasn’t enough, Elizabeth also manages #LocalLove, a successful pop-up shop. It sells the local brands, art, photography, clothing, and jewelry featured in Pressplae episodes.

To learn more about Pressplae and The Event Planner, please see Elizabeth's Facebook and Twitter pages.

Elizabeth Reed
My Location
Norfolk VA
United States
My Successes

“I believe success is subjective.  Some measure their success according to their monetary value or tangible assets.  Although I desire those things for living and sustainability, I do not base my success on them. I base my success on the amount of people I inspire and assist in achieving their goals. I base my success on the positive notoriety of my brand.  I want people to know that my company brand is one that can be trusted not only for quality servicing but most importantly for our dedication to the betterment of the community.”

How SCORE Helped

Elizabeth says her mentor, Tom Vaughan, offered insightful, objective advice from his years of experience. He helped her prepare a budget, develop a business plan, and implement a marketing strategy.

“[SCORE Mentors] were consistent, patient, honest, knowledgeable, and optimistic.  It was like having my own personal business genie. They assisted me with the creation of my business plan and gave so many helpful recommendations on what organizations I should join and helpful contacts.  At first, I was quite intimidated by the task of drafting a business plan.  But with the help of my mentor Tom Vaughan, as well as a few other helpful SCORE mentors, I conquered that dragon!”

Magic Memories, Phoenixville, PA

Neydary Zambrano
Year Company Formed
How SCORE Helped
Neydary Zambrano, Owner of Magic Memories


Magic Memories Child Development Center had been in business for 19 years when Neydary Zambrano acquired it in 2006. In the nine years since then, Magic Memories has seen truly impressive growth and improvement.  As a Keystone STARS program, Magic Memories receives a rating based on the STARS criteria:  Standards, Training/Professional Development, Assistance, Resources, and Support.  An initiative of the Office of Child Development and Early Learning in Pennsylvania, the Keystone STARS performance standards provide the foundation for participating programs.  With possible ratings of STAR 1, STAR 2, STAR 3, and STAR 4, Magic Memories has jumped from being a STAR 1 program to a STAR 4 program since Zambrano purchased it.  She has grown the business by over 30 percent, increased staffing from 16 to 46 employees, and added a Kindergarten Enrichment Program.  Magic Memories has a current enrollment of 96 children from six weeks old through fifth grade, with before- as well as after-school care for school age children, and 240 children as part of their collaboration with the Phoenixville School District to provide Kindergarten Enrichment for their full time students.  In addition, the Center offers a summer camp for children ages 3 through 10.


It’s clear that what sets Magic Memories apart and makes it such an outstanding facility is its focus on quality assurance, which is Zambrano’s top priority.  She considers excellence in staffing to be the key to the quality improvement she has achieved at Magic Memories.  Under her ownership, each staff member has a degree in early childhood development, with a ratio of one lead preschool teacher per 10 children.  Magic Memories’ mission is to provide children with a loving, caring and stimulating environment.  It strives to provide not only a safe and healthy environment, but one which nurtures each child’s self-esteem and social development, and it teaches a value system of respect, courtesy and love.  Child-centered learning is focused on each child’s needs, abilities, interests and learning styles, which encourages each child to have a role in determining the learning process.  Magic Memories’ ultimate goal is to provide a strong foundation for children to achieve their highest level of cognitive, physical, social and emotional development.


Zambrano came to Magic Memories with a wealth of experience.  She holds a Law degree from Venezuela, a Masters of Law Degree from Temple University, and a Certificate in Executive Leadership from Bryn Mawr College.  Prior to her acquisition of Magic Memories, where she now serves as president, she managed the Chester County Healthy Start Program, which specializes in children's health and development.  Her background, together with her obvious love of children and passion for the field of early child development, has clearly helped her to make Magic Memories the success that it is today.  Despite Magic Memories’ remarkable growth and success, Zambrano is constantly looking to the future and exploring ways to expand and improve even further.


Zambrano first met with SCORE when she was considering acquiring Magic Memories.  She credits Score counselors Robert Wingerter and Randy Hove with providing both guidance and perspective throughout the process.  Since she was raised in a different country, SCORE’s guidance was particularly valuable in helping her to understand the culture of business in the United States.  In 2011, Zambrano met with SCORE counselors again to evaluate options for expanding Magic Memories’ facilities, using the SCORE financial model to assist in her decision.  At that time, Magic Memories underwent a renovation and expansion of its physical space.  Now, three and a half years later, with her business near maximum capacity, Zambrano has again contacted SCORE to discuss plans for further expansion, which may include acquiring another facility.  She says of her experience with SCORE, “It’s amazing that you can get the benefit of so much knowledge and experience free of charge!”


SCORE is a non-profit national organization of business volunteers dedicated to providing free counseling and educational service to small businesses. SCORE volunteers are seasoned business experts who apply their life experience and business knowledge to mentor individuals planning to start a small business, or small business owners who seek assistance in solving business issues. To schedule a personal session with a counselor or learn about small business education programs, call Chester and Delaware County SCORE at 610-344-6910 or click here to visit us online Chester County SCORE.


February 13, 2015

Whisk Culinary Services LLC

I have wanted to start my own business for many years; I have a culinary arts degree and have worked in several aspects of the food industry over the course of 20 years. In 2013 the circumstances seemed opportune as well as the fact that I no longer feared failure. I enjoy many aspects of food preparation, and am marketing myself as a culinary services provider so that I can stay in touch with the spectrum of food preparation that I enjoy, such as catering and instruction, but I am open-ended to involve myself with anything related to food!

Laura Cochran
My Location
York PA
United States
Year Company Formed
My Successes

While I am still an emerging business, I feel that the past 18 months have been successful every time a customer provides positive feedback. This reinforces my measure of success. It makes me happy to have met and generally exceed a customer's expectations. I put my heart into every meal I plan and prepare; into every class I instruct. There have been moments where an experience was not as ideal as planned; however, I would not say that was a failure, but rather a learning opportunity. I have high hopes for the future, with several projects in the works and with new customers reaching out to me regularly.

What's Great About My Mentor?

My mentor, Kellie, has always responded quickly and kindly to all of my questions. If she is not able to be of direct assistance she can generally provide me with someone's contact information who can better address the topic at hand. We are not in the same line of business, but she is a fellow female business owner, so there is a camaraderie in that respect.

How SCORE Helped

Through SCORE, I have had the opportunity to meet and network with business persons with a diversity of interests and levels of experience. On the whole, mentors and others I've met through SCORE are always happy to help and offer guidance unselfishly. I think we all just want to see each other succeed!

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