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SCORE Mentors SCI Consulting, Inc. to Success

Energy, passion and a commitment to putting people first have helped Lynnette Spano build SCI Consulting Services, Inc. into a successful information technology firm, which won contracts valued at $239 million just last year. But the true secret to her success may well be her knack for asking questions.

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Intrigued by the federal government’s increasing demand for IT hardware and software support services, Lynette formed SCI in the basement of her mother’s Brooklyn home and moved to the nation’s capital in order to be closer to what she hoped would be a thriving client base.

Now with more than 200 full-time IT professionals located in 19 cities across the U.S., SCI is one of the largest woman-owned businesses in the federal marketplace. Earlier this year, it was added to Washington SmartCEO Magazine’s “Future 50” list of the area’s fastest growing privately held companies. Lynette was also among MEA Magazine’s “Fifty Most Influential Entrepreneurs in Business” in 2007 and has been nominated for the SBA’s 2008 “Women in Business Champion Award.”

Lynette has a commitment to help aspiring small business owners find answers to their startup questions. She’s sharing her ideas and insights about entrepreneurship and the federal market via a speaking tour, a new Web site (www.LynetteSpano.com) and a syndicated TV show. All will stress the value of working with a SCORE mentor.

What's Great About My Mentor?

“My SCORE mentors told me that it’s one thing to have dreams, but another to execute them,” Lynnette says. “They provided guidance for creating the infrastructure that would make things happen.”

How SCORE Helped

“I went to the SBA office in D.C. to learn about being certified as a Small Disadvantaged Business, and noticed this room full of older gentlemen having a lively discussion,” Lynette recalls. “I poked my head in and asked what was going on. They said it was the SCORE office and told me all about their free mentoring services.”

That was the first of what became many visits to SCORE for Lynette, who admits she was flying blind at this point in her career as an entrepreneur. They helped her acclimate to the federal business environment, provided tips on doing research and setting a vision and plan for her.

“SCORE is a wonderful organization with wonderful people who can provide lessons learned for avoiding the pitfalls that companies can face,” says Lynnette. “They’ve been there, they’ve done it, and they can help anyone succeed.”

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SCORE Advices Global Advanced Technology, Inc.

Shirley Young’s first visit to SCORE’s Boston office in 2003 couldn’t have come a moment too soon. The owner of Global Advanced Technology, Inc. (GATI), an information technology engineering and management services firm, Shirley had tried without success to secure contracts with the federal government and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. She felt her business offered the necessary expertise, plus a stellar track record working with some of the nation’s leading telecommunications and networking companies. Unfortunately, much of that work had disappeared due to major shifts in the technology industry and Shirley urgently needed new business in order to keep GATI afloat.

Shirley Young
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Scituate MA
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“Fred Larson’s insights and ideas provided GATI with an immediate—and much-needed—boost in business.” says Shirley. “Within a year, we had six contracts with the state and had become a subcontractor on a project for the Department of Defense,” she says. “And where once our proposals would generate no response, we regularly receive positive comments about the quality of their organization and content.”

GATI’s success has also enabled Shirley to share her knowledge and experience with other minority women entrepreneurs. She is an active member of the Outreach Committee of Massachusetts Affirmative Marketing Program, which works to help other woman- and minority-owned businesses participate in the state contracting system. She has also participated in a variety of high-profile events with Massachusetts’s legislative and business leaders.

What's Great About My Mentor?

Fred shared his wealth of knowledge about public contracting with Shirley, including some critical steps that she had overlooked.

“Fred helped me prepare an application to be certified under the SBA’s 8(a) small business development program and began reviewing my proposals to make sure I could justify my prices,” Shirley says. “He’s very detail-oriented, often playing Devil’s Advocate to help make my proposals as strong as possible.”

Shirley adds that Fred has also become a trusted mentor. Their meetings usually follow an agenda that covers action items for current or pending proposals; marketing, personnel and financial matters; and personal issues. “As a single mother who is the sole owner of a company, that’s very important,” Shirley explains. “Whatever affects me personally directly affects my business.”

 “We meet several times a month or even more often, depending what’s going on with GATI,” she says. “Fred is so accessible. He also passes along information that he feels will be helpful to me and my business. There’s no doubt that Fred has had a tremendous impact on GATI.”

How SCORE Helped

Attending a U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) workshop on federal contracting helped introduce Shirley to SCORE and volunteer mentor Fred Larson, who had spent many years with a leading defense contractor.

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