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The Arizona Department of Commerce offers a must do Small Business Services Online Program that guides you through what you need to know to start or expand your business in Arizona. The step by step guide acquaints you with all the statewide resources and information needed to start up your Arizona small business!  Included in the guide is detailed “how to” information on the following subjects:

  • Business Structure

  • Business Name Registration

  • Specific Business Activities

  • State Regulatory Licensing

  • Transaction Privilege Tax

  • Employee Hiring

  • City/Town Compliances

  • Loans

  • Procurement Opportunities

  • Certification for S/W/W/DBE

You should NOT start a business in Arizona without going through this guide. It is available 24/7 and you can proceed at your own pace. It is extremely valuable! : Click This Link  

You should NOT start a business in Arizona without going through this guide. It is available 24/7 and you can proceed at your own pace. It is extremely valuable!

A nationally recognized expert on entrepreneurship, Barry Moltz has founded and run small businesses for the past 15 years, experiencing both great success and great failure along the way. His latest book, BOUNCE!: Failure, Resiliency, and Confidence to Achieve Your Next Great Success, offers entrepreneurs a new perspective on the concept of failure, and how recognizing and even embracing it can set the stage for bigger successes.

Forget about having “no fear,” or asserting that, “failure is not an option.” Actually, it is a very real option, and often happens. It’s okay to be afraid and it's okay to fail. Not everything works. Learn from failure and bounce to the next action and success. It's about resilience.

A proactive approach to managing potential disasters may help mitigate the effects on your business, and lessen the time and resources necessary to resume normal operations.


SCORE is committed to helping small business owners with disaster preparedness and relief. Below is a comprehensive list of helpful resources.

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I came to SCORE with the strong determination to start my own business but with the frustration of not knowing where to begin.

Diane R. Mouzon
My Successes

I came to SCORE with the strong determination to start my own business but with the frustration of not knowing where to begin.

My mentors at SCORE immediately made me feel comfortable. They led me by the hand through a step-by-step analysis of myself and the market I wanted to enter. This helped me to further define my product line and identify all the possible markets that I could target.

They also kept me motivated when I felt discouraged at what I thought were stumbling blocks, helping me to see the other roads that I could take to achieve my goals.

I consider the members of SCORE an invaluable source of knowledge to anybody either starting or considering starting their own business and I will be forever thankful for this wonderful service.

Small businesses on the Internet are racing up beside large multi-national corporations on the information superhighway and giving them quite a scare. On the Internet a small business like can compete with, and even surpass, large national firms.

E-Commerce Lowers Business Costs
A global business on the Internet does not require bricks and mortar or staff around the world, just a Web site and perhaps one central warehouse. .

E-Commerce Is Accessible Anywhere, Anytime
The audience on the Internet is global.

E-Commerce Strengthens Customer Service
A Web site allows a business to address its customers on a personal level.

E-Commerce Develops Customer Loyalty

A list of suggested service providers for SCORE Clients

Wildflower Linen

"If you need help, there are people right there [at SCORE], with amazing knowledge. And free! ” -Youngsong Martin, Owner of Wildflower Linen.

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Youngsong Martin
My Location
Fountain Valley CA
United States
Year Company Formed
My Successes

A wedding reception, party or other special event should be a memorable experience for hosts and guests alike. But to fashion designer Youngsong Martin, something just didn’t look right.  By drawing on her extensive experience in the world of apparel, Young felt she could “dress” the entire event by creating elegantly tailored slipcovers and linens, and in the process, help define a memory-making tone of glamour. That idea led to the formation of Wildflower Linens.

Almost immediately, Young saw her idea take off among Southern California’s event organizers. In fact, she was afraid her business would grow too fast. 

“You don’t really realize what’s involved with running a business until you actually do it,” Young explains. “I was comfortable with my marketing approach, but I definitely needed help with the management and financial aspects.”

With SCORE’s help, Wildflower Linen has a solid financial and marketing foundation to support continued growth. Corporations, banquet managers, event organizers and bridal reception planners across Southern California now call on Young to assist with events in private homes, and in venues as diverse as the Ritz-Carlton Hotels in Laguna Niguel and Pasadena, the Richard Nixon Presidential Library and Birthplace, and luxurious charter yachts in Newport Beach. And, with several Hawaiian resorts now among her clientele, Young’s company is poised to serve party planners and event venues nationwide.

What's Great About My Mentor?

“It took only a few conversations with Terri to know that I could trust this organization,” Young says. “She understood immediately the kind of business I wanted, and was so enthusiastic about helping me. I couldn’t believe she and other business veterans would be willing do so much and not receive a penny for their efforts.” 

Former sales and marketing professional Terri Carr helped Young refine her business goals and reviewed her marketing program. 

Young also began working with Jim Anderson, who used his extensive background in finance and management to review Wildflower Linen’s accounting and financial practices. He also helped with issues such as expense tracking, inventory control, taxes and planning/budgeting.

“It’s one thing to think you know where your money’s going, but it’s quite another to actually write expenses down and see how they affect your operations,” Young says. “Jim helps me analyze expenses and determine if they are necessary to help keep my business growing. It’s almost like I’m getting an MBA from him!”

How SCORE Helped

Young remembered hearing about SCORE several years earlier during the launch of another business venture, and decided to give them a call. Young continues to rely on Jim Anderson and SCORE to help in monitoring her company’s financial health, as well as other issues such as employee benefits stuff and insurance. “Small businesses often fail because they don’t get help,” Young says. “They can find everything they need at SCORE, and for no charge. At some point, I hope to become a SCORE mentor and provide other entrepreneurs the same kind of expert assistance I’ve been blessed to receive from Jim and Terri.”

“I liked the idea of working with retired executives who understand what small business is all about. They have a track record, but they also had to start somewhere too.” says Youngsong Martin.

Data sources of marketing and demographic data for client use, primarily for Business Plans

Blythewood Tae Kwon Do Succeeds With Advice From SCORE

It’s a long way from South Korea to South Carolina.  But for U-Yong Skroback, owner of Blythewood Tae Kwon Do, the journey has been far more than one of distance. 

U-Yong Skroback
My Location
Blythewood SC
United States
Year Company Formed
My Successes

Although Tae Kwon Do is a Korean martial art, U-Yong knew little about it until she signed up for a class as something fun to do with her son, Brian. Within three years, she had earned a Black Belt and became interested in sharing these skills with others.  Her classes in a church recreation program proved so popular, U-Yong invested her savings into converting a former auto repair shop into her own Tae Kwon Do studio.

What's Great About My Mentor?

Soon after U-Yong started her business in August 1999, a neighbor suggested that she contact the local chapter of SCORE. “There was so much to running a business that I didn’t know about—cash flow, accounting, taxes, everything,” U-Yong says. “Thankfully, Maxey Love was ready and willing to show me what I needed to do, and how to do it right.”

The former CEO of a local bank, Love had the accounting and financial experience that U-Yong needed. After an introduction to the various types of financial statements, he and U-Yong devised a record keeping system that enabled her to categorize business expenses and reconcile them with her bank statement. Love also guided U-Yong through the preparation of her first business tax return and other license fee payments, then proudly escorted her to the appropriate offices to file the documents.

And though she no longer works directly with Love, U-Yong credits him for having helped her became a true American success story. “Maxey was so wonderful in providing comfort and encouragement when I needed it,” she says.

How SCORE Helped

“I’m grateful that there’s an organization like SCORE that can help me and other people start their own businesses.” says U-Young.

How to really start your business
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