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This article provides a quick and basic ddescription of how to protect intellectual property.

SCORE Awards Spotlight Outstanding Small Businesses

Wed, 2011-09-07 15:40


SCORE Awards Spotlight Outstanding Small Businesses

Entrepreneurs and Supporters Honored at September Event


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This is a graph illustrating when fixed plus variable costs equal business revenue. That is, you neither lost or made any money on that volume for that product or service. Usually this calculation is shown as a graph but numbers of units and dollars are shown on the grid.

Every startup existing company must balance costs with revenues or they will lose money. This calculation, using an Excel formula, will calculate when a certain volume of sales will equal your fixed and variable costs.  The variable costs are the cost per unit of volume. Most business plans will show this calculation.

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This business plan is a generic model suitable for all types of businesses. However, you should modify it to suit your particular circumstances.

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