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Judith’s Dessert Boutique

Judith Smith Parrott
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How SCORE Helped

After retiring as an educator, Judith Smith Parrott turned her love of baking into a business...Judith’s Dessert Boutique.

Judith made the decision to start her business the smart way by enrolling in the Princeton SCORE five-part  StartSMART™ workshop series. After taking that first step, Judith never looked back.  She and her mentor worked together to complete a "finance ready" business plan and Judith launched her business in late 2012. Since then, Judith's Dessert Boutique was also selected as one of the small businesses to receive $1,000 from the Sam’s Club Giving Program, in addition to attending a 2-day entrepreneurial program for all finalists hosted by SCORE in 2013.

“Working with SCORE has provided a foundation to help my business grow,” said Judith Smith Parrott, owner of Judith’s Dessert Boutique. “The access to tools for my business from Sam’s Club and the additional training will really help me take my business to the next level.”

STARTUP She Sticks to Her Knitting - Susan Smigielski Acker

Fri, 2013-02-01 15:54

When family and friends would see the amount of yarn stored in Roz Klein's extra bedroom, their response was always the same, "You should open a yarn store."  After 35 years as an educator, retiring as director at Norfolk Collegiate's Middle School in June, Klein opened Baa Baa Sheep in Norfolk's Ghent neighborhood in August.

Klein received help with the business side of her store from her brother-in-law, Carlisle Wroton, who was active in the Hampton Roads Chapter of SCORE.


This paper will outline ways to stay ahead on your business accounting and financial paperwork. These simple weekly steps will save you major at tax preparation time as well as providing useful ongoing operational financial information to guide your business decisions.

About the Author

30+ years of retail experience with two Big Box corporations, managing numerous multi million retail outlets within New Hampshire. Experience included meeting or exceeding operational goals, profit, expense control, and customer experience.

Festivities, one of New York/Connecticut's leading special event catering companies, opens two new stores at SoNo Marketplace with help from retired executives from SCORE

Wed, 2013-01-23 10:54

Festivities is thrilled to announce the opening of two new stores at the SoNo Marketplace. 

Life of Back Pain Inspires Hanover Man's Invention - Brittany Wilson

Tue, 2013-01-22 09:54

John Rutty, 80, of Hanover has a long history of back problems.  In 2002, he built the first prototype of the Backjack, a lightweight, portable device that helps alleviate back pain and discomfort. The device can be strapped to a car seat or office chair and looks similar to a padded chair back with arm rests and an adjustable lumbar support made from memory foam. 



       My partner and I have been running our laser engraving business ourselves for the past two years. We’ve reached the point now where we’re both completely maxed out, so we’re considering hiring at least one employee. Where do we start  Read more.....

About the Author

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10 Tips for Boomers to Become Entrepreneurs - Andrea Coombes

Mon, 2013-01-14 09:49

Nancy Strojny, chairwoman of the Portland, Maine, chapter of SCORE, shares tips for achieving success as an entrepreneur starting out later in life.

Find people who can act as advisers. “Someone who will tell you the truth—not what you want to hear,” said Strojny.  People are “so in love with their idea” that they’re often blind to the facts, she said. An advisory team can offer a sense of perspective and reality.


At 72, A New Recipe for Success - Matthew Ferreira

Fri, 2013-01-11 09:49

While many 72-year-olds are either in retirement or beginning to think about wrapping up their life's work, Middleboro resident and recent small business grant recipient Joe Gulino is starting a new chapter of his. With a new cookbook "Let's Eat with Joe Gulino" for sale and a second book waiting to be published, the former hairdresser continues to keep his plate full.


Preparing For Life’s Second Act - James A. Fitts and John Weeks

Thu, 2013-01-03 12:42

It’s a situation that every family business owner will eventually face: What will I do when I no longer own and run my business?

Becoming a mentor, angel investor, SCORE volunteer, board member, or advisor to another business can provide new meaning to a person whose life was previously defined by their business accomplishments.



Beyond Made in America

Thu, 2012-12-20 09:21

This holiday season ABC World News has been encouraging viewers to have a Made in America Christmas. That if all of us spent even just a small portion of our gift budget on American-made, we could create thousands of jobs across the country. That goes for here at home too.

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