Every once in a while we are reminded that our perception of the world is not necessarily accurate. That’s exactly how I felt when I read Lynn’s letter.

A few months ago, she’d been quite snippy at a party we were at. After I innocently said, “Life is good,” she really laid into me. After that, I kept my distance for the rest of the evening.

But my huffiness about how I’d been treated immediately disappeared when I read this: “I’m sorry for my behavior that night. We’d just found out that our daughter’s cancer had returned.” Now, all I felt was compassion.

How often do we misinterpret what’s happening? Way too often, I fear. Sometimes we make up stories to protect ourselves from the truth. Other times we’re stuck in our own view of the world, blissfully unaware that another perception exists.

Just a thought I wanted to share today. And, a reminder to consider that what you think is happening may not be real.