Learn about the tools and resources available to design a professional website with basic computer skills.

A business website is not just a marketing tool but also “an interactive electronic brochure”. Its very important to design the interface that is user-friendly to navigate.

Website development is often looked as a complex task but there are options today where small business owners with basic computer knowledge have the tools to develop a professional website and e-commerce, implement adequate search engine optimization, add blog interface and be able to plug in common social media tools.

Prior to learning how to develop your own professional website, lets first understand how it all works and what makes your website accessible to the world.

The Internet at its simplest is a worldwide network of computers, also known as servers. Servers often consist of large capacity storage devices, which we refer to as hard drives and solid state drives.

These servers host websites, emails and a lot more. Servers communicate with computers and other servers through multiple networking resources so that when you launch your internet browser and type in http or www address also known as “url”, you are actually connecting to a domain that’s connected to the website which resides on a server.

Domain name, website hosting service and website design templates are three key components required for a website to go live. 

Today there are many cloud based web design platforms that are designed for people to develop a website with ease. The easy to navigate interface allows you to buy a domain or add an existing domain, select a template that suits best to your needs, add and edit content, then preview and publish the website. The design platform also offers built in SEO or search engine optimization, blogging, website optimization for smartphones, contains social media plugins and many more features. All this is done interactively on the cloud. The service provider’s host-servers are preconfigured and equipped with necessary web development tools, templates and security. It offers full access and control to upload and update your own website content without the involvement of a third party, which makes it cost effective.

I have worked with several different cloud based web design platforms. There are some that I highly recommend based on simplicity and all-inclusive tools and options.

They are also cost effective and offer a better platform with easy to design interface. Here are my top six picks that I equally recommend:

Offers email support, readymade templates, all inclusive design tools including ecommerce and integrated merchant service to accept credit cards and more.

Offers email support, free images for your website, clean beautiful readymade templates with one of the simplest drag and drop interface.

Offers email support, clean readymade templates, all-inclusive design tools including ecommerce and integrated merchant service to accept credit cards and more.

Offers easy drag and drop interface, readymade templates, email and phone support, and offers wide range of development tools and apps.

Offers email support, clean and beautiful readymade templates and more.

Offers phone and email support, Weebly’s web design platform, wordpress, e-commerce and various other tools and hosting options.

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