You have a small business website. Congratulations! You might have had it for some time, or perhaps it is brand new…Now what?

Build it, leave it, forget it?

Not in today’s market. Before people drive or make phone calls, they review websites – yours and your competitor’s – to make purchasing contact decisions. An outdated business website translates to a customer as an out-of-touch company.

Make an honest site evaluation.

Often this is a difficult, even personal, issue. You might have spent top dollar on your site design five (or more) years ago, or invested hours painstakingly putting the site together yourself. But look at your site like a new customer would; you don’t get a second chance to make that first impression.

  • Is your first look modern? Are you keeping up with current trends and designs? Look at competitor and non-competitor sites. Are the tone, color scheme, and navigation of your site up to date?
  • Is your Home page too wordy? Just like a bad first date, no one wants to be bombarded with details before they know if they’re even interested. Your Home page should captivate visitors with a compelling headline, strong central image, and snippets of important information to pique initial interest.
  • Are your graphics and photos outdated or do they look home-made (and not in a good way)? If so, have fresh images made or look for free- or low-cost solutions to spice up your site’s look. Interesting graphics and photos are equally as important as written content.
  • Do you have a map and contact information? Maps are readily available and easy to download. Professional contact info (not a generic email address) avoids that boiler-room feel for your customers.

In today’s market, keeping your website looking smart and polished is your bait on the competitive line to attracting buyers—and that appeal is what will make the difference. Want to learn more? Click here.

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Christina Johnson

Christina has been writing freelance for newspapers, community magazines and various trade journals for over 20 years. Her specialties include community-oriented events and history, especially focusing on women's roles. | Facebook | @GoDaddy | More from Christina  

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