Learn How to Identify Clients Before Marketing

If you’re starting up, it’s important to identify your ideal client before you start marketing to the world with your new idea- even if you believe that anyone and everyone can benefit. Your ideal client should be the type of client who will bring the most value (they’ll be willing to ‘pay the price’), become product ambassadors and buy repeatedly. As a startup, you have to be “laser focused “with your marketing. Assuming you have a small budget, first identify this ‘client’, customer or user.

Prior to starting Wicked Start, my previous business was NuKitchen, an online diet service. When I launched it, I initially targeted any adult who wanted to lose weight or eat healthy. While this is a target, it turned out not to be too broad as I could never effectively convey my message repeatedly to increase my customer base and convince them to drop $40 per day on diet food. What I quickly realized was that with limited funds for marketing and business development, this was still too big of a market to tackle effectively. I found myself trying to woo aggressive Wall Street traders, new moms, elderly folks and everyone in between.

The solution became apparent. As I started growing from my initial 6 customers to 50 to 100, and to ultimately thousands, I found that the best clients were college educated, urban, women in their mid-thirties who wanted to lose 5-10 lbs. Now that’s a target demographic! These women told others about my service- even without getting rewarded- and brought their husbands and boyfriends along for the journey too. So, by targeting these women, we were able to “laser focus” our marketing dollars to profitably acquire and retain customers.

For your situation, think about your ‘ideal’ customer and how you can get at him or her. Even if you’re just starting up, you have someone in mind- maybe they’re like you- but whatever the case, take a point of view and go after them. You can closely monitor your strategy and adjust along the way. But most importantly, stay focused!!!

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