LinkedIn Sales CodeI follow Jill Konrath and her sales tips because they are time efficient, practical and they work. Social media opens new channels of communications with clients and prospects. In theory you can contact almost anyone directly via his or her social media account. There are many anecdotes about the deals gained via LinkedIn or Twitter but are they hype or a real sales strategy? And what are the nitty gritty details of how to use social media on a daily basis to nurture and then close leads?

Jill’s new eBook Cracking the LinkedIn Sales Code answers these questions in a logical and measurable manner. Jill and Ardath Albee surveyed 3,094 sellers to understand how they use LinkedIn and what results they were (or were not) seeing as a result.  Those surveyed were not just dedicated sales people.  They also included people like many of us: business owners, consultants, service providers – who wear many hats besides needing to pull in new business.

Survey results were split into two groups: Top Sellers (or those who had generated “lots” of opportunities via LinkedIn) and Others (who were skeptical about the value of LinkedIn for sales). The analysis then dug into the details: What were the Top Sellers doing differently?

Not surprisingly, those Top Sellers that had seen real success with LinkedIn were active and consistent users:

  • Their LinkedIn profiles were not only complete, but also thoughtfully crafted for customer/prospect readers.
  • They consistently used LinkedIn 6 or more hours per week.
  • They were very focused in their objectives and approach. They used the power of LinkedIn’s search capabilities to identify potential contacts, expand contacts at existing accounts and to create targeted prospect lists.
  • They used LinkedIn to research industries, companies and individuals before the first contact. They also kept abreast of what the competition was doing.
  • They kept a constant “light touch” by sharing their expertise through LinkedIn groups and posting relevant content.

Here you can get a copy of the free eBook with the survey results and 8 action steps for upping your LinkedIn sales game.

And sign up for the SCORE LIVE webinar on 3/26 where Jill Konrath herself will share how you can create new sales opportunities using LinkedIn. The webinar is next Tuesday March 26, 2013 at 1:00PM Eastern / 10:00am Pacific – sign up here.

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