Eight Tips for Success

As a business owner it is essential to know how to get up and speak on demand. You will find that many opportunities will arise and it is crucial that you can express your message about your business clearly and concisely.

Important Tips:

  1. Take a course in public speaking.
  2. Learn your talk or elevator speech by heart or with note cards.
  3. Be comfortable with information that you are speaking about, the more comfortable you are, the less nervous you will be.
  4. Practice in front of friends, family and colleagues and ask for feedback on what you are doing well and what you need to improve on.
  5. Imagine speaking to only one person in the room and have eye contact with that person.
  6. Remain calm, take deep breaths and focus on the topic.
  7. Keep your hands open and welcoming, never in your pockets.
  8. If possible video tape your talk or stand in front of a mirror and be conscious of how many times you say Um, how fidgety you are and what your body language is saying.

The more you speak the more comfortable you become. Just know that in your business you are an expert and having the ability to speak about your business in many situations can only help you succeed. You may need to speak to a group for funding, your employees, professional associations that you are a member of and customers, suppliers or distributors. The more often you do it the better the results will be in getting what you want.

Please share the things that have helped you speak more comfortably and effectively.

About the Author(s)

Julie Brander - SCORE Mentor

Julie Brander Neiman is a highly regarded business expert and advocate for entrepreneurial business. She has her MBA and has been an Adjunct Professor of business with 20 years of starting and owning her own jewelry wholesale, manufacturing, retail, and nonprofit business.  Her common sense approach has helped thousands of businesses realize that owning a business is feasible.

Certified Business Mentor, SCORE Las Vegas