It’s so hard to get a sales meeting.  People’s time is scarce and valuable. When you finally get a meeting with a prospective new client or customer, make sure you are doing everything right in those sales meetings.

Tips to get the sales presentation off to a good start:

1.  Talk to the administrative assistant ahead of time and ask if you can show up 30 minutes early to set everything up so when people come into the room you can greet them.  Reduces your stress too because all the technical stuff is set up.

2.  If you require wifi for a demo or presentation, bring your own.  You can waste 15 minutes just trying to configure your settings.

3.  Bring your own remote control so you can advance slides by clicking a button from wherever you are standing or sitting instead of saying "next slide please".

4.  Practice presenting together! TIP: "If someone on your team other than the presenter is running the slide show, make sure you practice together. Nothing worse than having the discussion get out of sync with the slides." TIP:  "Have a designated speaker drive through the deck, then allow the whole team to respond to Q&A (where the real value is) based on the context. Unless the presentation has logical blocks like (marketing vs. engineering), I've seen some awkward presentations where everyone does a slide and it looks like some kind of college presentation where everyone has to participate."

5.  Be prepared to give the presentation without a computer or any slides.  Do not waste valuable time with prospects and customers struggling with your computer and technology.  It actually is so unusual to not have someone presenting slides at sales meetings that you may command more attention from the audience!

6.  Figure out ahead of time where you are going to sit and where you want everyone on your team to sit. It generally works best if the presenters (people selling) sit at the seats closest to the screen so that the audience is looking at you and the screen.  If you are in a sales presentation with several people from your company, split up and sit on both sides of the table so you can more effectively talk with people.  Don’t have your team sit on one side of the table because that creates and "us vs. them" situation.

7.  Decide if you are going to present standing up or sitting down.  If you decide it's appropriate to make the sales presentation standing, then stand on the left of the screen in the front of the room.  People will be reading left-to-right so their eyes will naturally return to the left where the speaker should be standing.

8.  Think edu-tainment.  That means educate + entertain. Learn about new software for presentations that will help you make your sales presentation engaging, interactive and memorable.  The how-to guide on sales presentations reviews these new presentation tools.

9.  Do more listening and asking questions than talking.  There is a saying in Sales: "When the sales person is talking, he is Selling...while when the Customer is talking, he is Buying. I would much rather have a customer talking and giving me as much information as possible, before I start "selling" to them."

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