Gathering leads and evaluating them does not require a rocket scientist.  What it does require is a strategy. Assess each lead into one of these 3 categories for developing a strong lead generation campaign:

  • "A" leads are ready to buy or sell now.
  • "B" leads plan to buy or sell in the next month or two.
  • "C" leads may buy or sell in the next three to six months.

Develop an action plan for each type of lead and nurture each differently. Don’t focus so much on the "A" leads that you forget about the "B" and "C" leads. They are also your future business. Consider a "drip" e-mail and/or social media system that automatically sends helpful e-mails to your lead customer every week or two – but be sure the emails have relevant information to help fit their criteria - and remember to get their permission before adding them to your e-mail list.

With all the technology available to us in today’s business world, try using technology

In today’s hypercompetitive marketplace, most people are overwhelmed with time management. Develop a type of Customer Relations Management System for lead management that is systematized and use technology that is savvy to your industry for a follow up process.  Remember this: continue to be a people business.

Determine if your follow up software or App will give future customers the experience you've spelled out in your plan. Technology can help you manage leads but converting them - that's a face-to-face and ear-to-ear job!

Embrace the basics of building customer relationships and customer loyalty

Here's a secret. Know why top sales team members exceed their numbers? They embrace the basics.

They focus on the fundamentals - day in, day out. They listen. They get back to people quickly. They do their homework and respond professionally to what they hear. Yes, this is very basic, yet vital. With all the social media, emails and Apps out there these days, it's easy to lose site of the fundamentals.  Be sure you are giving that personal service.

Hold the basics near and dear and you will have laid the foundation for a stellar sales conversion process.

Here is a tip:  A proven and effective way to convert leads to appointments is simple – a simple phone call if your target audience is over the age of 45 and a quick email or social media follow up if your target audience is under the age of 45.  Always remember, a human voice, talking to another human voice always wins!   It is also important to know your audience.

Do you have a Customer Relations Management (CRM) Database that you can use to identify your target audience profile information?  Here are some suggestions for what information is important –

  • How to best communicate – phone call, email, social media platforms, face to face appointments, etc.
  • Target audience information - What generation does the customer come from and what is their individual personality and job function? (Example: Are they a traditionalist, a baby boomer, a Gen X, Gen Y or Gen Z and are they a decision maker, a researcher, assistant to the decision maker, etc.?)
  • All of the above Information is critical for relationship building for creating the “Wow” experience for converting leads into loyal customers.

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