Anyone in the business of international trade is painfully aware of how often they have to call suppliers to keep warehouses on track. Sometimes it feels more like babysitting than running a business when suppliers need to be held by the hand to keep shipments on time. Unfortunately, the massive phone bill that stacks up after making so many international phone calls transforms what should be only a minor annoyance into a profit-eating nightmare.

Tired of being held hostage by phone companies that charge too much for international calling? Look no further than Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). VoIP uses the Internet to route phone calls instead of traditional phone lines, which uses far fewer physical resources like phone switch operators or even telephone lines. The result? Businesses that use VoIP pay up to 80% less on their monthly phone bills, and make international phone calls for only pennies a minute.

Contact Trade Partners with Ease

Whether contacting a supplier in China, Cambodia, or even Detroit, VoIP makes picking up the phone and making a call a hassle-free experience.

For domestic calls, virtually all business VoIP providers offer unlimited calling throughout the United States and some even extend that service to Canada. That means that checking on a supply line doesn’t involve checking the bank account, or timing phone calls to keep them short. International business is easy with VoIP because calls use the Internet as a “shortcut” to bypass expensive overseas telephone lines.

Most VoIP services use Direct Inward Dialing to route calls through the Internet so that they originate from a local calling office within the target region, for cheap local rates. While there is usually a small fee associated with using the DID, businesses can still expect to pay under 2 cents a minute with the right international VoIP provider.

Other VoIP providers facilitate International calls by offering a select or customizable list of countries where calls can be made for no extra fees. Some even include several hours of free international calling as part of their standard packages. With rates of around $20 monthly, business VoIP providers makes controlling imports and exports both cheap and easy. Stop worrying about phone bills, and focus that energy on running a business instead.

Upgrade Phone Service for Less Money

For a service with such powerful features, one would expect to fork over much more money, but this is not the case with VoIP. As long as a business has a working broadband Internet connection, they are eligible for business VoIP phone service. Not only are the monthly rates lower than they are with traditional phone companies, but they come with powerful calling features included standard that normal phone companies charge extra for. Some of these features include:

  • Voicemail
  • Call forwarding
  • Call conferencing
  • Caller ID with name
  • Automated attendants
  • Multiple phone lines
  • IP Video Conferencing
  • IP Faxing

IP Video Conferencing allows International business partners meet face to face, and come to a trade agreement together. These tools and others allow for ultimate collaboration, and VoIP even boasts a higher audio quality than landlines on top of it all.

Business VoIP phone systems are the best option for companies that manage trade agreements because they offer powerful free calling features in conjunction with an extremely low calling rate for both domestic and international calls. Making cheap or free phone calls is important for any business, but for those that are calling their suppliers and warehouses to keep the system running smoothly, business VoIP is indispensable.

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