As part of this month’s series of articles about getting better customers, I’ve been thinking deeper into what small businesses can do to better ensure they get better customers.

Investing in your business is one of the most important things you can do to work towards obtaining better customers. Better customers might be more loyal customers, customers who are willing to be paid more or customers who buy from you more often.

Invest in Your Website

One of the first things people look at when they decide to work with you is your website (and other online persona - such as your Twitter profile). Although in reality your website is not necessarily a reflection of your character, how you do business or how you respond to customers, potential customers will judge you by your web site.

If your website does not look good, this will reflect poorly on your business. Customers might think if their website is crappy, maybe their products and/or services are crappy too.

Some businesses don’t clearly have a way to contact them - this is a very serious omission. Even if you are selling “only online” your potential customers want an easy way to contact you. Provide a phone number, email address, contact form or some way that customers can quickly and easily contact you.

Raise Your Prices

I know this sounds scary but by strategically raising your prices you might find that customers who just want a “cheap deal” will go to your competitors. Customers who want better service (assuming you provide it with your raised prices) will be willing to spend a bit more on your products in exchange for better customer service and higher quality products/services.

In this very tough economy everyone is price sensitive and I know it’s scary to even THINK about raising prices, however, by raising prices in a STRATEGIC way, you can quickly separate the type of customer who will buy from you.

Invest in Employee Training

You are probably the BEST evangelist for your company. You know how you want to treat customers, you know the best way to sell to them and you know your vision for growth. The problem? The employee you hired yesterday doesn’t know all of this. This is why it’s so important to TRAIN your employees. Investing in training your employees ensures that your vision and overall corporate vision for your company is conveyed by each and every one of your employees.

Along with training your current employees, it’s also important to HIRE the right employees from the start. If you are hoping to be VERY customer focused, you need to hire employees that have a natural tendency for care and service.


Looking to get better customers? Invest in your company and your customer will invest in you.

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