This is a common question, especially this time of year when we are planning our time, money and priorities. To help you start, here are average hourly rates for different marketing services with links for more details:

  • Writing: As seen in this comprehensive guide to writing rates by project type, writing costs range significantly from $30-$200 / hour depending on the experience of the writer and the expertise required.
  • Website programmers / designers: While major development projects are quoted on a per project basis, for basic website updating and tweaking, rates are typically $75-$125 per hour.
  • Graphic designers: Most graphic designers will quote their hourly rates ($65-$150) but final quotes are always done based on project.
  • SEO or Search Engine Optimization specifics and pricing have changed dramatically in recent years. Hourly rates vary from $76-$200, but most SEO specialists will only initially quote for large projects with monthly retainers and 3-6 month minimums. Because SEO is now so closely linked to Social Media, many projects include services such as blog creation and posting and regular social media interactions with clients.
  • Social Media services vary greatly ($75-$200/hour) depending on whether you are looking for help with a higher-level social media strategy or the implementation of blog posts, tweets and Facebook posts. This recent link has some great details on the costs depending on the scope required.
  • PR professionals  charge from $40-$200/hour depending on whether they are freelancers, with an agency and/or have specialized contacts in your industry. Many have retainer minimums to start as seen in this buyer guide.
  • Virtual assistant services can help with anything from culling through emails to telemarketing or basic website updates. Rates are generally in the $25-$75/hour, depending on the expertise required and the number of hours purchased per month.

But of course the only truly important number should be your end ROI or the return you get after investing in these services. Next week I’ll share some tips on how to how to evaluate and manage marketing service providers so you get the best bang for your buck.

What do you pay (or charge if a service provider)? Share in the Comments section.

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