In part two of our series on managing new business development, we’ll discuss using free applications to help you manage your time and dig up leads. By incorporating some of these tools into your work routine, you can start to automate the process of new business development. At the same time, you’ll find that you have more free time in your schedule to pursue developing new business.

Take some time to test how these technologies can help you improve your sales pipeline.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software

Using CRM software is a great way to manage sales contacts, track leads, forecast your sales and generally stay ahead of the sales curve. CRM software allows you to be proactive about your sales rather than reactive. Here are a couple of CRM solutions that offer a free version. Of course, these versions are stripped down versions that don’t include all the bells and whistles. Still, you can evaluate the product before you decide to pony up for the paid versions. Check out FreeCRM, Really Simple Systems and Zoho to find out if using a CRM software can help your new business development efforts.

Time Management software

How you spend your time is important for new business development. You can free up more time to follow up on leads and develop more business by using Time Management software. You can also learn how you spend your time by tracking it. A good, free tool you might want to investigate is RescueTime.

Organization software

If you’re like me, your life and your desktop revolve around post-it notes. Trust me, it’s not the best way to stay organized. Luckily there are some free software applications that can help you organize your thoughts, your schedule and all the tasks you need to remember to do. Have a look at RememberTheMilk and MemoToMe.

Taking advantage of free applications is a smart way to stay on top of new business development. I use many of these tools to manage our new business development at Enloop. They’ve been tremendous timesavers. You may not need all of the tools that I list here, but even if one helps you stay on course then it’s worthwhile to incorporate into your process. And most of these apps are fun to use, so take advantage and enjoy the process!

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