In my previous blog post, I included a list of key non-productive behaviors to watch out for and in this follow up post, I’ll explain what you can do about it. Managing business productivity may feel too complex and daunting a task for your business to take on, but you may want to keep in mind that decreased productivity can be costly and expensive. In fact, this can have a direct impact on the success of your business.

Here are some tips to help you keep non-productive behaviors at bay.

TIP 1: Get an Assessment

Hiring a consultant can help you decide the best course of action in the long run while minimizing the cost to your business. Before getting an assessment, try to write a list of areas where you already suspect there may be an issue. This will give the consultant some direction when they investigate the productivity of your business and improve the chance of getting answers to your questions. Make sure to clearly establish the cost of the entire assessment prior to signing the contract so you can avoid being overbilled.

TIP 2: Handle with Care

Making the right changes to boost productivity can be an extremely challenging endeavor. In the majority of cases, these initiatives will need to be handled with care especially when it comes to your employees. Too strict an approach can decrease employee morale and further decrease productivity rather than improve it.

TIP 3: Establish Guidelines

Creating clear guidelines and procedures for your workers can help decrease the amount of time wasted during the course of performing day to day operations. Establishing a clear guideline for how certain tasks are expected to be accomplished provides you more control over your business. It can also be beneficial to new employees who may feel unsure and uncertain about how to approach new tasks in their new position. Once you decide how you expect your business to operate, there are many ways to implement these plans. For instance, you can set up a lunch and learn to train your employees on any new processes. Alternatively, you can also create documentation that employees can reference as needed.

TIP 4: Hire a professional

If your business is growing, it may be time to think about starting a HR department in your company. If you can’t afford to hire a full time HR employee, consider working with a consultant to get the right process in place.

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