How to Create a Strategy That Will Evolve With the Overall Changing Internet Search Landscape and Ubiquitous World Wide Web

1. Defining Lingo – Learn the Language

Learning terms helps make strategic decisions that effect correct initiatives for high-ranking SERPS (Search Engine Result Pages).  Search Engine Journal, SEOMoz and WebSEOanalytics are some good resources to get familiar with basic SEO and how Internet Search is changing. Here is a handy reference of terms: Learn: SEO-Lingo Defined.

We are living in the middle of a techno-revolution and if we properly learn how to communicate and stay relevant within it (Arab Spring comes to mind) you and your brand will be more successful and prepared for the next wave of changes. This wave was termed in a popular 1980 book, The Third Wave, that is still extremely relevant today: “The Information Society, it should now be apparent, is bringing revolutionary and self reinforcing changes at all different levels of society at once…  it adds up to nothing less than a complete transformation at least as revolutionary in our day as industrial civilization was 300 years ago.”[1]

2. The Marketing Plan – The First Step in All Strategy

A good strategy will carry you through the ever-evolving changes to the worldwide web, whether you’re selling the latest tech gadget, a new app, the best chocolate chip cookie or dentist in the neighborhood, the first step of any strategy is having a marketing plan, which many of you may have already done with your SCORE mentor.  If not we recommend you run, not walk to your local chapter of SCORE and get that PLAN immediately (not joking)! From this strategic plan you’ll discern the age old questions of who, what and where: The Who you are –your niche’s expertise and qualifications; The What you are selling and benefits to the buyer; and The Where- now more important than ever with the local vs. global search Internet.

 3. The SWOT AnalysisData to Feed Search Engines

This process produces a tremendous amount of information that will support your strategy for appropriate initiatives.  It saves many missteps, time and money giving you realistic expectations for ROI.  The results of the SWOT Analysis will give key market niches, brand language direction and keywords, keyphrases, titles, search terms are then distilled from that information. Writing optimized, compelling, relevant content from these researched terms spoon-feeds search engines to find you, rank you in the key markets your brand needs to be seen, ranking you high in the SERPS.

SCORE has an excellent resource on their ‘Online Workshops’ under the category of Technology & Computers: “Tech Made Simple: Creating a Technology Plan for Your Small Business” Chapter #6 SWOT Analysis.

SWOT Analysis graphic


What is happening today with social media, connectivity and always-on technology have allowed expanded levels of integrated communications.  Global vs. local is a game changer and Web 2.0 (social media platforms) allows everyone- employees, customers, prospects even detractors a voice equal to that of your company. Communication is no longer limited to conventional, one-dimensional media channels bound by geography.  ‘We may be living in a web 2.0 world, but behaviors that this new environment triggers are solidly Human 1.0.”

Business objectives have not changed much since Peter Drucker described them, saying “Because the purpose of business is to create a customer, the business enterprise has two–only two–basic functions: Marketing and innovation.” So the end goal of business has not changed: it is still to create a customer.  It is everything in between the path to that goal that has changed–thanks to the Internet. Creating a customer in the 21st century viral world has come down to how other people (customers) find your brand on the internet and that means SEARCH has become more important than ever.

Next Blog Post: Part III. How To Create Compelling Optimized Content – for SEARCH in specific niches, market targets/ communities/ Tribes, geographic platforms and social networks. And, what’s required to populate these platforms that will increase rankings and visibility.

[1] “The Third Wave” by Alvin Toffler: William Morrow & Company Inc. 1980

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