Ecommerce and retail websites should start preparing for the 2016 Holiday Season as soon as possible. Our last article covered operations and marketing, but it was missing a few key components for digitally preparing for this coming holiday season.

This article takes a closer look at how to draw people to your website during the holidays.


Intriguing, top-quality content will attract and keep visitors on your site, increasing your leads-to-sales ratio. Here are a few steps to spruce up your site for the holidays:

  • Create Holiday Infographics
    Has your content team focused on creating exceptional gift giving guides or infographics related to your products to share with industry influencers this holiday season?
  • Include Tips for Purchasing and Using Your Products
    Does your website include information to instruct the consumer on what to look for in your products? Consider offering advice on how to buy smartly or accessorize with your products. If you are not teaching your customer, you are losing sales. Don’t let your competition win.
  • Provide Details about Your Products
    Do your product pages include strong content on each product? You do not want to miss out on being found in those organic searches!

Paid Search

Getting your products in front of the right audience makes all the difference, especially during the holiday season.

  • Update Your Products
    Are your products seasonal? Is it time to change the products you are feeding to shopping or display ads? It may be time to modify your products to fit the season of giving in order to gain more attention in paid search.
  • Use Customer Match
    Are you using customer matching features? This is the time of year to get back out in front of your past and potential customers!


Optimize your resources now in order to give these tasks the time they deserve before we get too far into the holiday season.

  • Publish Holiday Landing Pages
    Have you created gift suggestion landing pages categorized by recipients’ gender, interests and/or age? Planting that seed will help customers find the perfect gifts they didn’t know they needed.
  • Optimize for Customer Experience
    Is your site optimized for the customer experience? Make sure it is as fast and efficient as necessary. A slow site makes for a poor sales process.
  • Utilize Last Year’s Success
    What were your most successful pages for last year’s holiday season? Consider updating them with current costs, dates and product images/descriptions where necessary to save you the hassle of creating completely new pages.
  • Write NOW
    Begin your content write-ups on this year’s newest products—now! Waiting until the holiday season is in full swing will put you behind, and your sales will reflect that.
  • Assign and Prep Social Media Manager
    Who is manning your social media this season? Make sure whoever is assigned this position—individual or team—is prepared with the content and knowledge to do so successfully and quickly.

Get ready for a more intense year of online holiday shopping. Create content, take advantage of paid search options and optimize your existing features to make this year even better than the last.

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Kaye Peloquin

Kaye’s work at Web Talent Marketing includes working closely with the client relations team to ensure exceptional service and strategies are provided to our clients.  Additionally, her role includes new business development as she builds channel partnerships and leverages previous business relationships. 

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