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One of the keys to having a successful business is turning casual customers into passionate customers, ones who will tell others about you, and will share their rave reviews on social media sites, in emails, and other places they connect with friends, family, and colleagues. Do you know the characteristics of a customer you have the potential to delight? And which ones you might not be able to serve at the rave review level? Think about your business for a moment. Who is your ideal customer? I bet you can list off four or five characteristics very quickly. Does your view change when you ask who you have the highest probability of getting a rave review from? It makes sense to really understand your business' sweet spot and focus on finding and delighting customers who you can serve at your absolute best. The more you know about your optimal customer profile, the more you can seek out those prospects and qualify sales opportunities appropriately. It's all about understanding what value your product or service is going to bring to your customers, then tuning everything around them. How do they want to buy? What is their preference for delivery of your product or service? How do they want to communicate with you and how often? Rave reviews come easier when you design your business from your customer's perspective. As you grow your business, challenge yourself and your team to look at your business practices from a customer's perspective. If you make your customer the focal point of your business, listen to their preferences, and fine-tune your business model appropriately (while making sure you can still make money), then your odds of getting rave reviews will go up dramatically. Gail Goodman, Guest Blogger View more posts by SCORE’s Guest Bloggers

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