Websites that are created with the customer in mind will be websites generating leads and brand loyalists.

The best way to present a website tailored to your ideal clients is to create a website devoted to your buyer personas – and designed to deliver a customer-centric experience.

What are buyer personas?  Buyer personas are imaginary profiles of the people you are trying to reach. Buyer personas are representations of your target audience – their feelings, views, jobs, buying habits, challenges, goals, motivations and behavior patterns.

Your buyer personas are your most critical demographic and the entities most vital in driving your approach to social media content. Buyer personas are the objects of your content’s energy and focus. All content you create, especially on your social platforms, needs to have one clear and ambitious destination – your buyer personas.

To uncover your buyer personas you need to do research, identify trends and create a matrix that defines and clarifies the key individuals you are targeting for social media engagement. Ideally, you want to uncover how your buyer personas think, where they work, when they visit social media, what their work challenges are and even their age, location and shopping preferences.

Taking a good look at your existing clients – and digging deep to find out what makes your prospective clients tick – goes a long way in determining snapshots of buyer personas already dominant for you.

Once you determine your buyers personas, you can create a website that speaks to them in every way, with content designed to engage and captivate your ideal audience. Packaging this content in a customer-centric web design will fully leverage the marketing and branding power of your greatest website.  A customer-centric design features:

  • Ease of use, with clearly defined navigation and clear links and buttons.
  • Informative components, such as Frequently Asked Questions and feedback forms.
  • Clear features, services and products – detailed with videos, virtual tours and concise content.
  • An informative ‘About Us’ page that shares company history, philosophy, biographies and more.

A website designed with buyer personas in mind and featuring a concise, easily accessible and content-rich design, will allows your customers and potential customers to understand what you do, how you do it and why you do it better than your competitors. Creating a web design that speaks to your targeted audience and provides accessible and informative content will be your best sales tool in 2015.

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