Are you trying to develop a content marketing strategy but overwhelmed by the process? All you need is a plan, and a Direction Sheet is just that.

A Direction Sheet is a blueprint for any client-facing piece of content. 

Whether you are in a larger organization, working with partner teams or a small biz who needs to delegate content marketing work, a Direction Sheet is an indispensable tool for making sure that your marketing communications are on track and on point.

You can customize the following to meet the needs of your project or organization:

  • Title of piece (New product announcement, Article topic, etc.)
  • Purpose/Objective:
    • Create awareness
    • Share knowledge
    • Engagement
    • Conversion/Sale
  • Target Audience(s) (e.g. prospect/client/referral partner, geography, demographics, motivations)
  • Key Communications Ideas: What do you want the audience(s) to think, feel, do?
  • Desired Response from Target Audience (Call to Action and in what time frame?)
  • Background Information:
    • “Must” and Optional Copy Points
    • Visuals
    • Background presentations
    • Persons to interview
  • Format (print or digital – video, print, podcast)
  • Channels to distribute piece: print (add quantities needed) email, website, direct mail, etc.
  • Schedule/Deadlines
    • Data gathering, interviews
    • First draft copy/layout
    • Proofing and approval
    • Final delivery date
    • Posting
  • Budget (as needed e.g. creative, production, distribution)
  • Roles and Approvals:
    • Content Approval
    • Writer/Marketing lead
    • Technical approval (as needed from product managers)
    • Marketing (meets branding standards)
    • Compliance (as needed for legal and financial fields)
    • Final Approval