Create, nurture, recognize and reward your Brand Fans who share positive word-of-mouth online and in person.

Brand Fans are not just the people who "like" your Facebook page or follow you on Twitter or agree to a connection with you on LinkedIn.  Some of those people will be Brand Fans but many will be "other" (competitors perhaps or people just curious about you or your company).

Brand Fans are like a free sales force.  No, they're better than a sales force because their recommendations are seen to be unbiased and untainted.  They're authentic.  They're believable.  They should be treated like influential bloggers and reporters. Their referrals and recommendations will reduce a prospective customer or client’s FUD (fear, uncertainty and doubt) and accelerate your sales cycles.

The result of creating and nurturing Brand Fans? More proponents out there sharing meaningful, authentic sound bites about "why buy" the Brand and more credible defenders when others share questions or criticism of the brand.

Learn how to identify, nurture, reward, monitor and amplify the comments made by your Brand Fans. 

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Derrith Lambka

Derrith has worked directly for, or as a marketing consultant to, several world-class brands.  She now brings her accumulated expertise and industry-insider knowledge to help small businesses do marketing better, faster and less expensively. | @derrith | More from Derrith             

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