Many small business owners think they don’t have the time to take a class or brush up on their business skills. But sharpening your skills doesn’t have to take a lot of time or effort - it can be a gradual process over time. A quick and easy way that many entrepreneurs are now learning new concepts is through podcasts and webinars. Take an hour or less out of your day, or listen along while you’re working and come away with a few nuggets of information you can employ in your business immediately.

This month we’re focusing on social media skills for small business and here are some webinars we recommend you check out:

Webinar: Social Media 101: Raise Awareness and Engage Customers

Shawn Pfunder of Go Daddy is a favorite presenter among the SCORE webinar audience because he is not only entertaining and easy to listen to but a real, seasoned expert in the topics he presents. His real life examples and easy to understand (and remember) lists will tell you exactly how to get your business on track to social media success.

Webinar: Savvy Social Media

If you’re worried about committing a lot of time to social media with little return, have no fear. SCORE mentor Jeanne Rossomme shares her real life experiences helping small businesses utilize social media in smart, efficient ways.

Webinar: When Social Goes Local: “Tapping the Power of Social Media to Promote Your Business Locally”

If you’re a business that operates on a local level you may have thought that social media isn’t for you - but you’d be wrong! Join in as John Jantsch of Duct Tape Marketing teaches you how to use social media as a means of growing local leads and opportunities.

Webinar: Security Threats of Social Media

Have you been hesitant about social media because of the harm you fear it may do your business? Get advice from Michael Sanchez of Cisco about how to keep your business safe while interacting and engaging in these new arenas.

Upcoming Live Events

Join in on the fun – LIVE! Our SCORE LIVE webinars throughout January will continue to focus on social media and how it can best serve the needs of small businesses. Connect with experts and get your questions answered live at the following upcoming events:

1/9: Social Media Demystified

1/16: Why it Pays to Be Likeable

1/23: Should You Spend Your Time and Money on Facebook? Five Questions to Ask Yourself

1/30: Naming and Trademarking: Creating Your Brand's First Impression

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