Building a website for you small business is crucial and technology allows us to connect with people instantly.

Creating a user-friendly, relevant and customer-focused website can help increase your business awareness as well as sales.

In the SCORE Webinar, “10 Tips for Building a Business-Class Website” Ramon Ray, Small Business Evangelist at Infusionsoft and Technology Evangelist at shares tips on creating a website for your small business. 

Below are five tips from Ramon to help you build a business-class website.

1. Have a Plan

The most important step to building a website, is understanding why your business needs one. It is never a good idea to launch a website without a purpose. “If you are just building a website, you are going to find that it is not working,” says Ramon.  While having a website is important,  understanding the importance of the website is crucial. When building a website, it’s important to: know where you want to go, goals you want to reach and understand why you are building a website. 

2. Good Navigation

Visual cues are very important. “Your website should not be a confusing maze, customers should know where to go and where not to go,” says Ramon. Having a website that is easy to navigate and mobile friendly will increase customer engagement and satisfaction. Ramon also mentions that your website design should fit your goal(s) and it’s important to remember that sales and other actions increase when website visitors can navigate with ease.    

3. Informative

Ramon says a good question to ask is, “are you providing your customers the basic good information they need to buy from you?” Having information about your product is essential. Additional resources on your website shows that you are an expert. Ramon says, “more content shows you are an expert. Become a resource, not a salesman.”

4. Fresh Content

Customers want to know your website is “alive.” Regularly update your website with customer stories, press releases, blogs and even new images. More content increases your SEO rankings.  Ramon says, “have timely content related to your business,  make sure your website reflects that you know what’s going on in the world .”

5. Easy Contact Information

Don’t hide, let customers reach you by email or phone! If someone reaches out to you, the least you can do is reach out to them. Frustration builds if customers can’t contact you.  Respond quickly to customers and a good alternative is allowing customers to reach you through social media as well. “Don’t hide behind your website, if you make yourself accessible customers they will eventually buy from you,” says Ramon.

These five steps are great starting points to creating a user-friendly website for your customers. Want to learn other tips to help you build a solid website? Listen to the SCORE Webinar:  10 Tips For a Building a Business-Class Website.

Interested in learning how to build a website for your small business? Join us for our upcoming SCORE Webinar: Building a Website Made Easy


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Bridget Weston Pollack

Bridget Weston Pollack is the Vice President of Marketing & Communications at the SCORE Association.

Vice President of Marketing & Communications, SCORE