Freight Forwarding and Your Small Business Exports

Have you just made your first international sale and wonder how you should go about shipping your goods overseas? Or are you considering exporting, but not sure of how best to deliver your goods to a foreign country? Consider the benefits of a freight forwarder, described by expert Jeff Coppersmith and as “your international transportation department.”

What is a freight forwarder?

A freight forwarder is a licensed company that can help you make the necessary arrangements to get your product from your door to your buyer’s door. Often, the logistics of transporting your product is up to you as a seller – but a freight forwarder can provide help ensure that you export economically, safely and in compliance with U.S. and foreign government laws.

What exactly can a freight forwarder do for me?

Freight forwarders aren’t required to get your product transported, but they can provide a lot of assistance throughout the entire process. A freight forwarder can also come in handy if you need to consider the following characteristics – is your product:

  • Time sensitive? – If not, shipping via ocean is the way to go, although there will be a difference in cost depending on if the ship goes directly to the destination or makes stops elsewhere first. If your product needs to arrive more quickly, then air transportation is the best option.
  • Hazardous? – Your freight forwarder will be aware of any special requirements if your product is hazardous. Your choices for transportation may be limited and you may incur a greater cost to ship it.
  • Super heavy or super sized? – Sometimes special equipment or permits are required for oversized or weighty products. Your freight forwarder will help tailor arrangements to accommodate your shipment.
  • Breakable or temperature sensitive? – These conditions also require special packing considerations for which your freight forwarder can help make preparations.

Another consideration is how much room your goods will take up – a full container or a few boxes or pallets? Not sure? A freight forwarder will help make the determination. And if you can consolidate your items with another shipper, a freight forwarder can work toward those arrangements to save on cost.

A freight forwarder will arrange for your product’s pickup; deliver it to the ship or airplane; and file and process certain necessary documentation. Once your goods are shipped, the freight forwarder will process additional documents if needed, including a certificate of origin, insurance certificate and notarization – all in compliance with the terms of your letter of credit – and present it to the bank.

Bottom line: a freight forwarder will help you figure out what’s best – and most cost-effective – for your business and your product’s voyage to its destination. You’ll get the help you need with required documentation and the peace of mind knowing that licensed experts are helping handle the process.

Where do I find a freight forwarder near me?

According to, freight forwarders can be found in most metropolitan areas. Local business telephone listings often feature a freight forwarder or transportation heading. The National Customs Brokers and Forwarders Association of America also provides exporters with information on their members. Additionally, you can check out trade associations and local Chambers of Commerce.

Want to learn more about how freight forwarders can help you export your product? Visit for informational videos, resource links and more.

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Dear Gentlemen, I just open

Dear Gentlemen,

I just open my small home based business. I want by and shipping overseas. What I need to know is:
Do I need a special authorization from the owner of products to sell their goods?
The freight forwarder, will charge me according the value of my products or a percentage?
Do I have make tax of my business only when I start make profit?
Do I have to make my personal tax and my business, or I can make together?

Thank you so much,

Everaldo Silva

P.S. Can you, please send me those answers to my email:

Hi Everaldo, A SCORE mentor

Hi Everaldo,

A SCORE mentor will be able to assist you with those questions online via email or in a chapter near you. You can connect with one here:

Freight forwarding business,

Freight forwarding business, also referred to as the third-party logistics providers is a business which concentrates on the importing and exporting of goods and products in large quantities.

This is a great piece on the

This is a great piece on the services that freight forwarders offer. We truly can be very helpful in facilitating the FCL and LCL international shipping process.

Thanks for sharing such a

Thanks for sharing such a relevant information related to freight forwarding with us.. Really appreciable content !!

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