What Your Business SHOULD Be Doing Online

This post is part of the “What your business SHOULD be doing online” series. To get the whole picture, you may want to click that link and start at the beginning. Over the last four posts in this series, we’ve explored:
  1. Why businesses have trouble figuring out what they SHOULD be doing online;
  2. A step-by-step approach that businesses can use to finally figure out what they SHOULD be doing online;
  3. How to learn what your business CAN do online (and why it’s important to do so), and
  4. How to figure out what your business NEEDS to do (and use that as a filter when evaluating online tactics).
In this final post, we’re going to tie it all together and talk about using what you’ve learned to finally answer the question, “What SHOULD my business be doing online?”

Just Follow the Formula…

Here’s the good news: you’ve already done a lot of the hard work needed to answer the question! Remember, the approach outlined in this series is based on a formula:

What you CAN do online / What you NEED to do = What your business SHOULD be doing online

Now that you have the first two parts in hand, it’s simple division to reach your solution! In other words:
  1. You now have a solid idea of what CAN be done online, and
  2. You have figured out what your business NEEDS to do to meet your goals, so
  3. You can now use what you’ve learned in steps 1 and 2 to figure out what your business SHOULD be doing online!
Best of all, you can use the formula again and again, every time you come across a new methodology, approach, tool or software solution!

…and Create Your Own Unique Approach!

This is my favorite part of business; the reason I do what I do:

I love using my formula to figure out what my clients should be doing online!


Because this is where you can differentiate your business from all the others who offer the same products and services.


By using a unique mix of the methodologies, approaches, tools and software solutions available online, you will develop your own unique approach to using the web for your business.


That unique approach is the direct result of using the “What SHOULD Your Business Be Doing Online?” formula. The approach is all you SHOULD be doing online and it takes into account all you CAN do and then focuses you in by taking into account all you NEED to do. Ultimately, your unique approach is the key to your success online. It’s where you leave all the distractions behind and get creative in how you manage and market your business while at the same time assuring that you remain authentic in all that you do.

Wrapping Up

This post may mark the end of this series, but it does not mark the end of my quest to explore, and spread the word about, the "What your business SHOULD be doing online" formula. To learn more, check out my forthcoming book, "Figuring Out the Web: The step-by-step formula for finally knowing exactly what YOUR business SHOULD be doing online even if you hate technology".
Matt Mansfield
<div> Matt helps entrepreneurs and Fortune 500 companies figure out what their business SHOULD be doing online.  Since 1993, his career has included product and project management, marketing and PR, software design and development, entrepreneurship and startup experience, public speaking and training for both groups and individuals.</div> <div> <a href="http://www.mattaboutbusiness.com" target="_blank">mattaboutbusiness.com</a><a href="http://www.score.org" target="_blank"> </a>|<a href="http://www.facebook.com/mattaboutbusiness" target="_blank"> Facebook</a> | <a href="http://twitter.com/mattsmansfield" target="_blank">@MattSMansfield</a> | <a href="/author/matt-mansfield/all-posts" target="_blank">More from Matt</a></div>


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