Technology: Just Watch: How Video Can Help Your Small Business

Video is more than an engaging way to communicate; it’s a technology tool that businesses can use to improve their profit margins. Large companies have already embraced the trend. However, small businesses are only now starting to realize its many benefits.

Video can help small businesses reach customers in regions they don’t have the resources or time to visit in person, for example. This helps them compete against larger companies that have established travel funds. Video can also help smaller companies find and retain personnel by enabling video interviews, training sessions, and remote working. Furthermore, small businesses that use video can maintain high-quality interpersonal relationships and make decisions faster because it simulates live, in-person interaction.

The benefits of video

As a small business, you understand the need to keep investments scalable. But you also know that sometimes the best way to cut costs is to invest in something new. Consider video conferencing—not only can it help reduce costs, but it can also help you wear multiple hats within your business. For example, you can host online meetings and presentations, conduct training sessions, and provide customer support.

Innovative use of video can improve your bottom line and differentiate you from the competition—keeping you more responsive, secure, and efficient. Following are five benefits of video for small businesses:

  • Reduced travel expenses 

Forget tiresome travel to meet face-to-face with partners, suppliers, or customers; video conferencing allows you and your employees to stay in your respective places. You’ll save not only on airfare, hotels and rental cars, but also on the opportunity costs incurred while employees are in transit.

  • Greater collaboration

With video conferencing solutions, employees can share and interact regardless of location, resulting in more productive online collaboration and faster decision-making. Video conferencing also enables real-time remote customer support and employee training.

  • Increased communication

Staying in touch with partners, suppliers, and customers is vital to any small business. Video helps improve the overall experience your customers and partners have with your company, which helps sharpen your competitive edge in the marketplace.

  • Better surveillance

For many small businesses, such as retailers, loss prevention is top of mind. By using a video surveillance system, you can reduce risk and liability costs by deterring theft. Video cameras located in plain view can help reduce shoplifting, internal theft, vandalism, and other crimes.

  • Lowered staffing costs

With video monitoring technology, you can see real-time business activities from anywhere, including home. Wherever employees are working, they can monitor and be alerted by IP cameras, such as when a truck approaches the loading dock or a client arrives in the lobby.

Leigh Martin
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