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Here at SCORE, we're always looking for free resources to help you start and grow your business. Outright is a great tool to start off the year. Many small businesses don't need (and can't afford) expensive accounting software. Small startups generally just want to manage income and expenses, figure out their taxes and track overall progress. Well, this site does it all. The tax calculation feature is especially helpful for businesses that need to file quarterly taxes. Outright is a great tool for small biz, especially contractors and freelancers. It provides income and expense bookkeeping, Schedule C and W-9 automation, and support with deductions and taxes. It also allows you to give access to your accountant, clients and contractors. Now, how great is that? What other free tools have you found to help with your small business? Share them in the comments section. Jacalyn Barnes, SCORE View more posts by Jacalyn
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Thank you for the link to

Thank you for the link to Outright!

Thanks for this post.

Thanks for this post. Everyone must be benefited in the tool, as everyone would want a systematized and more organized business.

Linda Abrams
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Thanks for the support

Thanks for the support Jacalyn!
I'll add one to the list; we just launched a 1099 e-filing service to take that W-9 information and take the IRS's burden off of your hiring contractors. Just tell us who you you've brought on to help and we'll take care of the rest!

Thanks for the shoutout,

Thanks for the shoutout, Jacalyn! You hit the nail right on the head - at Outright, we want bookkeeping to stay super simple.

In keeping with that mission, Outright has recently taken the hassle out of dealing with contractor tax issues. Now Outright will obtain your contractor's W9 and file the 1099 for only $5!

Thanks again for telling your readers about As you can see from this community post, we're always been big fans of SCORE! 10 Ways to Use SCORE Small Business Services Absolutely Free

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