Marketing: Selling Yourself

Understanding & Pitching Your Value Proposition

As entrepreneurs, we strive to bring a new, fresh perspective to our chosen business environment. The supposition is that our venture will provide a value that has been untapped and/or under-served. This is principally what drives most small business owners as intuitively we feel “I can do it better myself.” All hubris aside, it is most important to know what your niche and skill sets are. In business, as in life, you must be able to effectively sell yourself!  In order to generate business you must truly understand what your value proposition is and how to most effectively pitch that to clients/customers. Articulating what your value add will be will be your most “valuable” tool.  Unfortunately this is not as easy as it seems; it may take a while to fully craft what your value proposition is. In sorting through this extensive thought process I would recommend:
  1. Write down ideas for yourself. These will be edited many times over but the act of generating will help shape your thought process.
  2. Brainstorm ideas with your business associates/colleagues.
  3. Give talking points to family and friends, ideally ones who don’t work in the same industry. If it makes sense to them then it will make sense to your clients.
Once you have unlocked what your company’s benefit is, RUN WITH IT. Once you understand what your differentiation is, it is your task to effectively pitch yourself. This requires you, as an entrepreneur, to be a great salesperson. You must be able to sell yourself and sell your company. Margaret Young, Guest Blogger View more posts by SCORE’s Guest Bloggers
Margaret Young


I'm my only employee so I

I'm my only employee so I find it helpful to bounce ideas off my husband, children, friends or anyone who will listen. The best ideas seem to come together when you get then out in the open where you can receive feedback from others.

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