Networking: Connect & Build Relationships

Effective Networking Skills

Marketing has always been building trust with your customers and knowing what they need and want.  The more ways you can get in front of and get to know your customer the better. Networking is an integral part of business that allows people to know who you are and what you do.  Attend as many networking events as possible.  When attending the Chamber of Commerce “Business After Hours” and association events, as well as trade shows, you will meet lots of potential customers and business connections.  The first step is always to collect business cards,  then we might follow up by sending  an  email or calling to make a time to meet again.  Now you can consider incorporating social media as an additional tool to keep in touch.  Find these contacts on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn and connect with them.  This is another way to communicate and create another level of engaging your contacts.  It allows you to gather more information about them that you can use to nurture the relationship. It brings the relationship to the next level.   Always consider how to effectively network with results that end in a relationship that leads to trust and future business. Julie Brander, New Haven SCORE View posts by Julie Brander
Julie Brander
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