Growing: Inspiration, Don't Leave Home Without It

Successful Entrepreneurs Give Inspriation to New Business Owners

As an entrepreneur, it's easy to feel bogged down in routine, and not particularly inspired, especially if you're an entrepreneur serves as salesperson, marketer, bill collector, bookkeeper, cleaning staff and CEO. And yet, inspiration offers something no entrepreneur should be without--emotional support that helps through tough times. Where's a great place to look for inspiration? Often it's in the fascinating stories of (surprise, surprise!) other entrepreneurs. Two examples I found were in interviews with real estate advice guru and ABC's Shark Tank reality show star, Barbara Corcoran and Pamela Mitchell, Founder and CEO of The Reinvention Institute. Pamela Mitchell of The Reinvention Institute helps professionals find ways to transform themselves career-wise, no matter the state of the economy (recession or not). The real inspiration comes from knowing that Mitchell reinvented her own career successfully three times! And she did it by understanding that the "ability to reinvent your career at any moment is the new and only form of job security." That ability comes from being able to transfer your skills in completely different directions, in different industries and careers. For the entrepreneur, this means understanding that the name of the game is adaptability. In Barbara Corcoran's case, the inspiration is from her personal story that reads like...a story. Consider this:
  1. She was born into a family of ten kids, where there wasn't alot of money.
  2. She made straight Ds in high school.
  3. A teacher called her stupid.
  4. She struggled with learning because she had dyslexia (at a time when no one knew about the condition).
  5. She failed at more than two dozen jobs in as many years.
  6. She borrowed $1,000 from her boyfriend.
  7. She started a real estate company.
  8. She worked as hard as she could, using lessons she learned from her mother.
  9. She sold that company for $70 million in 2001.
In both cases, the inspiration derived from both entrepreneurs comes from the smart, honest, focused approach they embody. Heather Taylor, Guest Blogger View more posts by SCORE’s Guest Bloggers
Heather Taylor


Everyday is a challenge and

Everyday is a challenge and it's hard to know you are doing the right thing. You just have to keep taking steps forward.

It's definitely easy to get

It's definitely easy to get discouraged as an entrepreneur sometimes. The main thing these great people have to remember and keep telling themselves though is that they will be successful and even doing something they absolutely love. No matter what your dream is, you can make it happen by working hard enough.

Success is a subject of

Success is a subject of learning. As for me I learn success from successful people. You can 2 :)

This is so true. Inspiration

This is so true. Inspiration can be found in unusual places and often trying times. My wife (mommy of three) found inspiration for her new business at the most busy time in her life-motherhood. She is off to a great start. I wish her the best of luck and much success. She deserves it!

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