Marketing: Handwritten Notes Can Help You Be Remembered

Networking Tips to Strengthen Business Relationships

Have you sent anyone a handwritten note lately? Okay, so quit wrinkling your nose and thinking that the idea is so 90s. Hear me out. Sending notes is not just something that's “touchy-feely,” it’s about maintaining good business relationships with the people you know and the prospects you meet.

Think about this. When you get your mail, what’s the first envelope that gets opened? For most people, it’s the envelopes that are genuinely handwritten (not the direct mail “fake” stuff we all get).

Your contacts feel the same way too. A handwritten note sends a unique message to the receiver -- primarily that you cared enough to take a few minutes to sit down and write in this day and age of instant communication.

An email just doesn’t pack the same punch. Quick survey — how many emails do you have standing up on your bookshelves? Probably none. But I bet you have at least one personal note you’ve received from someone up there.

It only takes a few minutes each day to write a note, two or three sentences will do. It’s a good habit to get into and it truly makes you memorable to other people because so few do it. It's not "old fashioned," it's just good business.

Denise O'Berry


Great points here. I have

Great points here. I have sent them for years with amazing results. It is fun to get the responses too. We had such love for it and such a hard time finding quality non- gender cards we started a company to help meet the need.

We hope to help people connect on the personal level and build stronger business. Thanks for the excellent points here.

Lionel Wilson

Great article, Denise.

Great article, Denise. Showing that effort can be the difference between closing a deal and being yet another vendor.

Thanks for your blog! All too

Thanks for your blog! All too often my generation relies on email over a handwritten letter!

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