Sales: Who are Your Top 20?

In Sales, 20% = 80%

Spring has sprung The grass has riz Wonder where the Business is That old rhyme keeps going around in my head these days as the media tells me the economy is picking up, but do you feel like you forgot to get on the right bus? Historically, about 80% of our business comes from 20% of our customers.  Have you thought about doing an inventory of your clients (customers) to determine who those 20% are in your world?  Not only will that prioritize as to where to give your most attention, but by determining how you got those customers in the first place it will help with the marketing.  In marketing we say, do more of what works and stop what doesn’t.  Makes sense. Give them more attention?  Yes, follow up on their satisfaction quota, on their now or anticipated needs and on what new products or services you can provide. Twenty percent is 80% --  pretty amazing statistics.  How does that work in your company?   Betty Otte, SCORE Orange County View more posts by Betty
Betty Otte


I came across your article,

I came across your article, think your blog is awsome, keep us posting.

Hey,your blog looks nice. I

Hey,your blog looks nice. I just built my first one.I was looking for tips to write goood posts and your blog will certainly help me.

Hello!I am reading your

Hello!I am reading your posts for many weeks now. I have to say that it is very easy to read . It is already added in my favourite list and i will make sure that i will follow it frequently. Thanks for the interesting inputs . Moreover , i honestly like your template and how you have structured the contents of your site . Can i ask the name of your template ? Cheers

Hi, Denise: sounds like you

Hi, Denise: sounds like you are running an excellent company. congratulations. Glad we are both thinking the same way.

I was just discussing this

I was just discussing this exact topic today with one of our team members. We call it the 80/20 rule. We are making focused efforts to reverse the trend and instead spend a majority of of efforts on our best clients, rather than the other way around.

Thanks for sharing!

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