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The Value of a Positive Attitude

Sunflower and SkyThe other day I was reading an article about ridding yourself of the negative voices in your head. We have all read such articles -- "I don't deserve this or that," "I'll never be as pretty as my friend" and other such self defacing thoughts. I had many sales women on my sales team who came on as, what I called, shooting stars. They sold everything in sight only to drop from the heavens a month or so later. This being an example of "I don't deserve to be successful, rich, good...." Pick your poison. Then shortly after reading the article I was talking to a woman at SCORE who's company was going through bad times. We went through the standard routine of cutting back payables, collecting receivables, etc. but I noticed she was doing this with a very positive attitude. I was a bit surprised as many clients we now see at SCORE are very serious and worried. I asked how she was able to go through this difficult time for her company and maintain her positive attitude. Her answer: "I have a Happiness Filter which filters out negative thoughts." Never thought of negative thoughts being blocked by a Happiness Filter and loved the concept. Was she being unrealistic and a bit Pollyannaish? I don't think so as she had a good handle on what needed to be done, but she used her Happiness Filter to keep her moral and productivity up. Seemed like a great idea to me. Do any of you have a Happiness Filter? I'm working on keeping mine in 24 hour operation. No more bad dreams day or night for me! How is your Happiness Filter doing? Betty Otte, SCORE Orange County View more posts by Betty
Betty Otte


Hi, Warren: The fact that

Hi, Warren: The fact that you are reading N. Hill's book is an indication that you are truly moving ahead in your thought process and, therefore, your career. I read the book many years ago and it made an incredible impact on me, also. New versions come out almost daily, but he was the true master.
Continue reading and enjoying.

Hi, Carla: let us know what

Hi, Carla: let us know what your colleagues and members think.
Would be fun to get some outsiders reaction.
Thank you for supporting SCORE - you are an example of what we are all about.

Betty Thank you. I'm sure my


Thank you. I'm sure my colleagues and members will enjoy reading this article as much as I did. We list SCORE as a primary resource for our US members.

Thank you again,

This was so timely, I'm

This was so timely, I'm presently reading the book: Success through a Postive Mental Attitude, by Napoleon Hill, and the book is wonderful I wish alot more people would read it.

Hi, Theresa: Yes, we all

Hi, Theresa: Yes, we all need reminders. I needed one this morning when my Jack Russell had a little 'mistake' on the carpet. The Happiness Filter is needed at home as well as in business.
Have a fun day.

Thanks for the reminder, it

Thanks for the reminder, it was needed.

Hi, Carla: thank you for

Hi, Carla: thank you for your kind words. Please go ahead and use the Happiness Filter with your associates and friends. It is a good way to look at positive approaches and my goal is to make the lives of business women happier and wealthier. I shouldn't say just women as men need to be happy, also, even when doing tough work to make their business successful. I love the filter idea as it gives you a tangible image to remember when things get down. I think about a furnace filter that needs to be changed and when I get down I mentally rush to put it in the dish washer to get clean and sparkler again.
Hope your associates enjoy the image, also. Let me know if it works. Please tell th em about, SCORE, also. Most of us have happy filters!

Hi, Dawn: love your Happy

Hi, Dawn: love your Happy Meal story. I, myself, go for vanilla ice cream. Growing up there was a very old woman living next door to us and she used to call and ask if I could go to the store (walking distance) and get her some vanilla ice cream. She said it helped her head aches, but she lived alone and it was hard for her to get around so I think the head aches were her excuse to see someone. Very insightful lady: She knew being with people made her happy and nothing can compete with vanilla ice cream. As uneducated as she was, she knew her fate was in her own hands.
She just found a way to turn on her happiness filer and I am grateful for now I cannot have ice cream without being happy myself.
Thanks for your comment.

Hi, Mia: sometimes we forget

Hi, Mia: sometimes we forget that we are responsible for our actions, energy and emotions. You are spot on when you say staying positive sustains me. I like the idea of talking about bumps in the road. We all hit them, personally and in our cars, but if we take a clue from our cars, we hit the bump and keep right on going.
Thank you for the victimized concept. Very seldom are we actually vicitmized - except in our minds.

Remaining positive is what

Remaining positive is what sustains me, both personally and professionally. Once you adopt a fear-based stance, that energy resonates with your clients.

Remaining positive when the numbers aren't optimal, helps keep you healthier and sends a message to your clients that you have faith in a positive outcome I am not talking about faking it. I mean genuinely feeling as if things will improve.

Looking for the silver lining in each experience is also useful, as is trying to find the teachable moment in it. If you proactively engage in using each experience as an opportunity to grow either personally or professionally, your chances of a positive outcome are tremendously increased.

Conversely, if you tend to become victimized and downtrodden each time you hit a bump, the outcome will generally follow your expectations.

Excellent... I love it! This

Excellent... I love it! This reminds me of what I always tell members of my non-profit org... when things get a little tough, I go to McDonald's to buy myself a Happy Meal. There's nothing like a little happiness that comes in a box. It brings back memories of when I was a kid. It's simple, but does the trick. It helps me take a step back, re-evaluate the situation and revamps the path of life that I travel in order to move forward, despite however many detours I come across.

Whatever it takes... do it! Life is too short and shouldn't be spent worrying about non-sense. YOU are the only one that controls where you are and how successful you want to be in life. I'm not saying put those blinders on and be naive to the world, but I am saying that no one is going to come knocking on your door and offering you a Life Mulligan. Having a strong morale and a positive attitude is certainly going to help a lot... so flick that Happiness Filter on! :-)

Betty I very much believe in


I very much believe in positive thinking and would like to pass this along to our members of the International Concierge & Errand Assoc. Would you mind if I reprinted your article?

Thank you,

Hi, glad that the post

Hi, glad that the post resonated with you. It is difficult at times to use the filter as we allow it to have cracks for negative thoughts to come in. I was angry at someone the other day and found it hard to use her as an opportunity to think in lateral terms for a positive outcome. Fortunately, tho, in pursuing my goal, it worked and the issue turned around. Not easy, tho.
Thanks for your post.

Betty This post has had me


This post has had me thinking for a couple of days now. It has stayed with me as I've worked and I've tried to implement the use of a happiness filter for myself. I seem to forget that my attitude is truly the only thing over which I have control.
Thanky ou for the post

Hi, Rosella, thank you for

Hi, Rosella, thank you for your comment. You are digging into the old concept of environment and heredity as well as the subv set of learning vs environment. What you are say is rue in that if you specifically watch older people you will find characteristic trades they have had all their lives intensified. I am not be bias there, just an observation from y own years. What you are doing is excellent as all the organizations you mentioned help to support others and present positive approaches to concerns.
Do you have a mentor at SCORE? You mentioned you have come to SCORE. Remember we are there to help and I have had clients for as long as 5 years.
Thanks for your comment.

Yes, I agree with when at

Yes, I agree with when at first you're looking for a new job, new prospects, new anything that your motivation seems higher at that point. Then after a while when you get use to the newness and fall into a rhythm of every-day doldrums it is hard to maintain that original positive energy. Over the years I have been wondering about that too. The one thing I have come up with, from paying attention and observing, is that most of us were raised as children that it is a sin to think of yourself pretty, good enough, or any good anything. Churches, schools and parents taught children how to do good things for others, etc. Then as adults we hear messages of just the opposite. While we're being motivated and coached, we're okay. But, as soon as we're left alone to fend for ourselves, we go right back to the way we were taught as children. This is a barrier that I have been working on for a long time. I can only really speak for myself. But, as I talk more with people and listen over the years, I realize this is a human phenomena. I find that if you were lucky to have been born with marketing skills, you will do a lot better than others too. So talent plays a lot into the equation. Of course, we can't leave out desire. Sometimes a strong desire will keep your positive energy up much longer. That's why I get a lot out of being a member of business organizations that focus on networking, marketing and education. I may not sell a lot but along the way I'm learning how to get my message out there and staying positive during the process. I am a member of SBA Score, SBDC's Women In Business Breakfast, USWCC, Anchorage Chamber of Commerce, IAAP, Athena Society, Toastmasters, GFWC and YWCA. You are welcome to visit my Score Community Profile to learn more about me and my business. Visit my web site at Take care. Thank you for your time in reading this long message. Rosella Young, Longaberger Consultant

Hi, Page. thank you for the

Hi, Page. thank you for the comment. The filter concept is one I have been using with my SCORE clients these days. Many of their companies are still above water, but fear is driving the emotional level. It might go back to using both your head and your heart or just go back to the filter, but often our SCORE clients just need to know that it is OK to be OK - even in the current roller coaster of the stock market.
I like your 'success is my happiness meter'.
When you get a chance, check out to see more about what we do.

Very interesting. Thanks for

Very interesting. Thanks for the useful information. Success is my happiness meter.

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