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Easy Ways to Keep in Touch with Your Clients

As a small business owner, keep your relationship with clients current, and your marketing fresh and focused. This will allow your clients to anticipate hearing more from you. Keep it personal with frequent interactions. Email, blogging, twittering and all social networking make it easy to keep in touch. Web sites are standard for the smallest of businesses, so make yours interactive and keep the information on it new and current. How do you use social networking to keep your clients up to date? Try these resources. Betty Otte, SCORE Orange County View more posts by Betty
Betty Otte


I do have a blog that I

I do have a blog that I update regularly, but I'm not so good at Tweeting. I'll be gungho at it for a few days then my urge to Tweet just flitters away.

Not sure when I'll leave my comfy non-Twittering nest for good and fly on my own.

Natalie Hill

Hi Betty, outside of blogging

Hi Betty, outside of blogging & Twittering....I like to use Facebook as I feel it gives a more personal touch that if used correctly can increase the relationships with your clients and aid in your overall networking as well.

Hi, Josephine: thank you for

Hi, Josephine: thank you for your comment. Being on a tight budget is always a challenge, but if you go to to the blogs of others who have an interest in your type of business, that is free and you can establish yourself as an expert. That will drive business to your web site. The same is true with twittering. I personally like Linkedin and you may want to check it out for doing more social interaction.
Check out the closest SCORE office in your area and make an appointment to meet with a counselor. There is no charge and they will work with you to help with your marketing.
Thanks for your comment.

I have market on showcases

I have market on showcases and web site. or there other opportunity
for small business.. with a tight budget

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