Shelagh Cummins is sought after speaker, consultant and trainer for entrepreneurial women who are ready to own their time, double their income and accelerate business growth. She is co-founder of Mom Biz, delivers performance improvement solutions developed over 15 years as a coach, instructor, river guide, teacher and leadership program director.

Shelagh thrives educating and empowering women entrepreneurs who are ready to move their business up their priority ladder. She's a regular speaker at women entrepreneur networking events and conferences. Her Grow Your Business signature program blends set curriculum, intensive training and consulting for women who are ready to break through their business bottlenecks and accelerate the growth of their business. She has facilitated in classroom and field settings on several continents and adds a wealth of experience based learning solutions to the MomBiz team. Shelagh holds an undergrad degree in Kinesiology and a Masters in Education, complemented by courses in training and adult education and several years of Outdoor Education leadership positions and training.

She dreams of pursuing her interest in mountaineering and is the mother of three beautiful children – the accomplishment of which she is the most proud.

 Shelagh  Cummins