Dan Breeden is the head of marketing partnerships for Yahoo Small Business, where he manages strategic partnerships, agency marketing, and public relations.
Dan has been at Yahoo since 2006 and has led partner and marketing programs for a number of B2B and consumer initiatives. He’s been with Yahoo Small Business for the past eight years, focusing on building a community of strategic partners, developers and agencies who provide the tools and expertise that small businesses need to start, build and grow successful companies.

Prior to joining Yahoo, Dan led marketing and was the editorial director for special publications for the San Jose Mercury News. There his efforts focused on helping small and medium size businesses connect with local customers, particularly in home retail, autos, real estate, and employment categories. Before switching to marketing, he was a reporter and editor for daily newspapers around the Pacific. He continues to write small business advice articles on such publications as Inc.com., Ecommerce Times and DigitalCommerce360.
Find Dan on Twitter at @danbreeden

 Dan  Breeden