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Words of Wisdom: Marketing & Sales

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  • Create and keep up to date business and marketing plans.
  • Keep looking at new marketing strategies.
  • Network at local Chamber of Commerce events.

Donald S. Doner
Los Angeles SCORE (#9)
Los Angeles, CA

Honor existing customers with appreciation cards, seasonal gifts and events. I give each of my clients a copy of “101 Marketing Tips”, a branding checklist and an outline of marketing vs. advertising.

Becky Bywater
Central Florida SCORE (#122)
Lakeland, FL

Follow these guidelines when developing your elevator speech:

  • What Does Your Business Do?
  • What Are Your Big Picture Benefits?
  • Based On Results And Projects What Is Your Value As An Individual?
  • Why Are Your Benefits Unique?
  • How Do You Transition To The Next Step?

Chuck Sawicki
Charlotte SCORE (#47)
Charlotte, NC

  • Consider fervently the needs of your customers. Target those services or product that would give them the best value in these economic times.
  • Re-evaluate your goals, especially your target customers.
  • Get help from SCORE. Good advice is invaluable.

Edna Mathis
Coastal SCORE (#285)
N. Charleston, SC

  • You must have a documented market; else your idea is useless.
  • Your initial clientele will be taken from your competition. You did not bring a class of clients into being when you created your business.

N. Gail Weinrich
SW Illinois SCORE (#423)
Godfrey, IL

One of the necessary partners in any new company is the individual with marketing knowledge about the product relative to the competition. The importance of knowing everything possible about the competition cannot be overstated. One should not even consider entering into an enterprising situation without a business plan and predicting gross margin is a requirement to formulating the business plan. If the company becomes successful you can be assured there will be competition in the future because I can assure you that there is a copycat somewhere who recognizes your success and desires the same rewards. You need to anticipate it and be prepared with a counter strategy when it occurs.

Robert Perry
SCORE Birmingham (#84)
Birmingham, AL

  • Embrace Social Media to expand your brand.
  • Critically evaluate your product offering. Phase out underperforming pieces and introduce new products or services.
  • Leverage your relationships.

Scott Loggins
East Central Iowa SCORE (#736)
Cedar Rapids, IA

Perseverance in following up on proposals is critical. Determine what you need to do to make your proposals more attractive, more cost competitive. Follow up and don’t just rely on your initial proposals.

John Hollett
Jacksonville SCORE (#86)
Jacksonville, FL

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