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SCORE volunteer mentors help American small businesses start up and thrive. They come from all walks of life, from every conceivable industry, and from every corner of the nation. What do they all have in common?  The knowledge and experience to solve small business problems, and a passion for sharing, learning and making a difference in the business community.

Read more about a few of the outstanding individuals that are making an impact with SCORE, and about what volunteer mentoring means to them!

Read more in the SCORE Success Vault!

"Volunteering not only put my personal and business experience to constant work for the benefit of my SCORE clients but also helps me expand a creative business horizon in encouraging my new and existing clients."

Donald S. Doner
Los Angeles SCORE (#9)
Los Angeles, CA

"Givers get! I volunteer with SCORE because I get personal and community satisfaction helping people avoid the mistakes I made."

Tom Loegering
Greater Phoenix SCORE (#105)
Phoenix, AZ

"I volunteer with SCORE because of the camaraderie, the opportunity to learn from my SCORE peers about industries that I didn't grow up in, and keeping my hand in after I retired."

Jack Scott
Denver SCORE (#62)
Denver, CO

"When I was recruited to join SCORE in 1996, I had no idea what to expect, but I was always active in volunteer organizations while I worked, so it seemed natural to share my business knowledge to other people. Personally, I have benefitted a lot by being a part of SCORE. As you grow older, it is imperative to keep your mind (and body) active and the challenge in dealing with the myriad of ideas that walk through the door to our office is stimulating.

I am often amazed at the concepts that our clients bring. There is plenty new under the sun. The fun part of SCORE is getting to have a new group of friends both in the members of the chapter and the clients that you help. I have never had a dull day since I retired and SCORE is certainly responsible for helping to make this part of my life challenging and rewarding."

Bob Bailey
SCORE Indianapolis (#6)
Indianapolis, IN

"I volunteer with SCORE because I love business, was very successful in it, and would like to see the younger people also become successful."

Rudy Cherkasky
SCORE Fox Cities (#382)
Appleton, WI

"I volunteer with SCORE because the US - and the world - needs more enterprises."

Art Henrie
SCORE Bucks County (#570)
Bucks County, PA

"I volunteer with SCORE so I can give back what I have experienced and learned. I enjoy removing the fear of not knowing how to solve a particular problem."

John Hollett
SCORE Jacksonville (#86)
Jacksonville, FL

"My business was dramatically affected during the floods of 2008. In 2010 a plea was made by the local Chamber for volunteers to join SCORE and help flooded businesses recover. I thought that if my knowledge and experience could reduce the pain, emotion and recovery time for an impacted small business, I’d gladly offer my services."

Scott Loggins
SCORE East Central Iowa (#736)
Iowa City, IA

"I believe I have knowledge in HR that can be utilized and am willing to take the time to help those that need help. SCORE provides the opportunity to share that knowledge."

John Whiteside
Asheville SCORE (#423)
Asheville, NC

"I volunteer with SCORE to help provide jobs to others who may otherwise have little or no income in this current, negative economic environment. I enjoy the staff at Montgomery County SCORE and especially like and enjoy Rick Defalco, the Montgomery Chapter Chairman. The clients also teach me things about the small business world while I help educate, train and advise them. It is a continual learning process which I enjoy. I am putting a lot of my education and experience into practice."

Bruce Mitchell
Montgomery County SCORE (#513)
King of Prussia, PA

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