Young’s Special Occasion Apparel Receives Help From SCORE Mentor

Ms. Yong Suk Daley, a Korean-American, opened a clothing alteration shop in Springboro, Ohio, in 2000 and operated it successfully.  By 2006, however, growth had stalled.  So she moved to the Crosse Pointe Mall in Centerville and added the retailing of special occasion women’s apparel to her alteration business.  She named her renovated business, “Young’s Special Occasion Apparel.”  In August 2006, Ms. Yong contacted Dayton SCORE for mentoring, and mentor Roger Doty began working with her.

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Ms. Yong wanted to expand her alteration business, outsourcing some work to independent contractors to free her time for retail store management. Roger helped her transition from a recordkeeping system appropriate for the original alterations business to one that accommodates her retail business as well, and helped her improve her relationship with an accountant for tax preparation purposes.  Finally, he is helping her develop a sewing lessons service, and to shift the legal structure of her business from sole proprietorship to limited liability company. 

In less than a year, Ms. Yong’s business has been transformed from a simple service operation to a specialty retail shop offering several revenue streams and growth opportunities.

What's Great About My Mentor?

Their initial focus of their mentoring sessions was on developing a business plan, preparing an application for a U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) guaranteed loan to supplant the credit card debt, improving marketing for the business, and strengthening recordkeeping and financial management.  The SBA guaranteed loan closed in October 2006.

Following Roger’s advice, Ms. Yong focused her retailing on the wedding market, including brides, bridesmaids and mothers’ gowns and accessories, and the prom market.  He guided her in preparing marketing fliers, attending wedding expositions where she handed out her fliers, advertising in wedding planning publications, developing networking contacts in the local wedding industry, and arranging with her bank to accept credit cards.

How SCORE Helped

Ms. Yong says, “Mr. Roger has helped me build my business and provided answers to the many questions that came up.  I thank Roger and SCORE.”