SCORE Mentors Keybowl, Inc. on Funding

Finding ways to get financing and promote your product requires marketing expertise. Peter McAlindon, president and CEO of Keybowl, Inc., found that expertise through Orlando SCORE.

Peter McAlindon
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Winter Park FL
United States
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Peter had developed a computer keyboard replacement product that can be used by people with disabilities of the hands, wrists and fingers. The orbiTouch Keyless Keyboard consists of two domes that, when moved in different directions, produce 128 characters.

“Although the computer has become essential to daily life, access for people with disabilities hasn’t been on a level playing field,” Peter says. “We are trying to help people with disabilities cross that digital divide.”

When faced with the challenge of obtaining financing for production and marketing of his product, Peter turned to SCORE for help and discussed his options with SCORE Mentor Joe Lefkowitz.

Today, the orbiTouch Keyless Keyboard is sold in ten countries and new innovations are on the way. Peter credits Orlando SCORE for helping to get his business off the ground.

What's Great About My Mentor?

For more than a year, Joe worked with Peter to raise seed money for production and distribution. “I was highly impressed with Pete’s product,” says Joe. “I also tried to help by providing marketing ideas.”

How SCORE Helped

“Joe was never hesitant to leverage what he knew or who he knew to help my business succeed,” says Peter. “We have come a long way in just a few short years thanks to SCORE.”