Blythewood Tae Kwon Do Succeeds With Advice From SCORE

It’s a long way from South Korea to South Carolina.  But for U-Yong Skroback, owner of Blythewood Tae Kwon Do, the journey has been far more than one of distance. 

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Although Tae Kwon Do is a Korean martial art, U-Yong knew little about it until she signed up for a class as something fun to do with her son, Brian. Within three years, she had earned a Black Belt and became interested in sharing these skills with others.  Her classes in a church recreation program proved so popular, U-Yong invested her savings into converting a former auto repair shop into her own Tae Kwon Do studio.

What's Great About My Mentor?

Soon after U-Yong started her business in August 1999, a neighbor suggested that she contact the local chapter of SCORE. “There was so much to running a business that I didn’t know about—cash flow, accounting, taxes, everything,” U-Yong says. “Thankfully, Maxey Love was ready and willing to show me what I needed to do, and how to do it right.”

The former CEO of a local bank, Love had the accounting and financial experience that U-Yong needed. After an introduction to the various types of financial statements, he and U-Yong devised a record keeping system that enabled her to categorize business expenses and reconcile them with her bank statement. Love also guided U-Yong through the preparation of her first business tax return and other license fee payments, then proudly escorted her to the appropriate offices to file the documents.

And though she no longer works directly with Love, U-Yong credits him for having helped her became a true American success story. “Maxey was so wonderful in providing comfort and encouragement when I needed it,” she says.

How SCORE Helped

“I’m grateful that there’s an organization like SCORE that can help me and other people start their own businesses.” says U-Young.