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Vertigo, Inc. Reinvents Itself With the Help From SCORE

to its board. They are getting ready to set up a dedicated factory for the manufacture of their patented ... ...

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Lumen Photon Therapy

.  “We contacted the original patent holder, who referred us to his engineer,” Ron says.  “He became our ... ...

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SCORE Mentor Advices Chimers Charts™

Mary needed a patent for her invention and Bob worked with her through all of the steps in securing that patent. "He assured me that when I had a question I could call him anytime, which I did often", says Mary. When Mary found ... ...

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Law Firms Strategic Alliance Partners

in intellectual property such as patents, trademarks, and copyrights. It serves the business community throughout ... ...



is filed with the United States Patent and Trademark Office.             Federal registration ... ...

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Norm Brown

<p> Norm Brown combines a business and legal education with extensive experience in everything from large corporations to tiny start-ups; his last position before joining SCORE was VP Technology Commercialization for a Fortune-500 defense contractor.&nbsp; A patented inventor and former Angel Investor, Brown focuses on New Products, New Businesses, and Intellectual Property.&nbsp; He&#39;s adept at building winning relationships via Development &amp; Co-Marketing Agreements, Technology Licenses, Strategic Partnerships, and other complex agreements.&nbsp; He managed an incubator ranked #3 in America by the National Science Foundation in the percentage of new companies created around NSF-funded technologies.&nbsp; He has served on a number of start-up company boards, and he has supported the launching of over 30 companies based on licensed or transferred technologies.</p>

Sanford K Carlisle

<p> Expert in Business Operations. Very knowledgeable in Business Management. Experienced in Cash flow management and Business Planning and Business Operations. 38 years in key management positions in food manufacturing, packaging and distribution business, involving: manufacturing and engineering, strategic planning, costing, finance, capital investment, logistics, organization development, mergers and acquisitions, product development, and MIS. Responsible for 4 production facilities. retired as VP of Operations and VP of Corporate Development. Holds 4 US patents. Post retirement had own management consulting business and have been a SCORE counselor for 14 years. Served on active and reserve duty in US Navy for 30 years &ndash; retired with rank of Captain.</p>