5 Tips for Avoiding Legal Problems

the requirements of the law. 4. Familiarize yourself with trademark and patent laws so that you don’t violate ... ...

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G12 - The Twenty Most Important Questions in Business

battery that lasts more than two days, only to watch it reverse-engineered and patented by someone else. Before you ask anyone to crank out a few prototypes, file for a provisional patent. It protects your idea ... ...

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Archie R McFarland

<p> business enhancement</p> <p> communication</p> <p> finance</p> <p> leadership</p> <p> management</p> <p> Patents</p> <p> project management</p> <p> Energy conservation</p> <p> SBA</p> <p> Score technology</p> <p> food technology</p> <p> waste reduction</p> <p> marketing and sales</p> <p> analytical skills</p> <p> purchasing and supply management</p>

"How to Get Product to Market"

overview of the product development, patenting, business-building, and marketing processes ... ...

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and discussed her options with mentors Michael Bozza and Claude Haggelberg. “They felt that with a patent ... ...

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Transducer USA

referred Gluszyk to a patent lawyer who determined that there would be no conflict with the existing ... ...

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Does Your Small Business Need a Lawyer?

or patent issues and theft or fraud were also named as key legal worries that small business owners have ... ...

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Dr. Ralph E. Warmack

<p> <strong>Experienced in high tech R&amp;D and manufacturing; technical sales and marketing; research grant applications; intellectual property, technology transfer and licensing. Registered Patent Agent and inventor or co-inventor of fourteen U.S. and foreign patents.</strong></p> <p> Prior to retiring from IBM, Ralph was Worldwide Principal for Blue Gene&reg; supercomputers developed and delivered by IBM Systems &amp; Technology Group.&nbsp; Previous assignments included leading the Linux and Grid (Cloud) deployment revolutions among IBM&rsquo;s industrial customers, managing sales and marketing activities for IBM Microelectronics, contributing to IBM&rsquo;s business transformation and development of</p> <p> Before joining IBM, Ralph held geophysical research positions at Atlantic Richfield and Amoco (both now BP plc) and managed R&amp;D at AMF Geospace (now Geospace Technologies). He also held marketing and engineering management positions at VLSI Technology (now NXP Semiconductors) and Tandy Electronics (now RadioShack), and taught statistics, linear programming and operations research as an adjunct associate professor at the University of Tulsa.</p>


Back in 2002, I reached out to the SBA. I had attended a couple of seminars and requested a mentor to help me get my invention patented. Hap Fairman was my counselor back then, and he helped me find a patent ... ...

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