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                                  Back To Top   Patent, Trademark &amp; Copyright Primer For Start-ups A patent, trademark or copyright might be able to protect your company’s unique software, business method ... ...

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. Obtaining patent is no guarantee of success May 31, 2012 Patent process is not an easy one. Mentor helped lead inventors to patents May 23, 2012 Patent process is just that - a process ... ...

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"How to Get Product to Market"

overview of the product development, patenting, business-building, and marketing processes ... ...

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and discussed her options with mentors Michael Bozza and Claude Haggelberg. “They felt that with a patent ... ...

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Transducer USA

referred Gluszyk to a patent lawyer who determined that there would be no conflict with the existing ... ...

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G12 - The Twenty Most Important Questions in Business

battery that lasts more than two days, only to watch it reverse-engineered and patented by someone else. Before you ask anyone to crank out a few prototypes, file for a provisional patent. It protects your idea ... ...

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of other copyright-related organizations. U.S. Patent Office The role of the U. S. Patent and Trademark Office is to grant patents for the protection of inventions and to register trademarks. This site ... ...

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·         Intellectual Property – Patents, Trademarks, &amp; Copyright Law ·         Health care &amp; Small Business ... ...

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Kimbra Studios Success With the Help of SCORE

. When she discovered and created her patented sealant, the hard part was over and she got to really ... ...

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