Protecting an Idea

to share is the key. Companies do buy ideas that are patented or trademarked. In that case, you have ... ...

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A Beginner’s Guide to Angel Investing

time to market. There are “broad and blocking” patents Competitive Landscape ... ...

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Norman Brown

<p> Norm Brown combines a business and legal education with extensive experience in everything from large corporations to tiny start-ups; his last position before joining SCORE was VP Technology Commercialization for a Fortune-500 defense contractor.&nbsp; A patented inventor and former Angel Investor, Brown focuses on New Products, New Businesses, and Intellectual Property.&nbsp; He&#39;s adept at building winning relationships via Development &amp; Co-Marketing Agreements, Technology Licenses, Strategic Partnerships, and other complex agreements.&nbsp; He managed an incubator ranked #3 in America by the National Science Foundation in the percentage of new companies created around NSF-funded technologies.&nbsp; He has served on a number of start-up company boards, and he has supported the launching of over 30 companies based on licensed or transferred technologies.</p>

Mark Lowenstein

<p> Mark Lowenstein&nbsp;was an Assistant Professor of Business at a small college most recently. Mr.Lowenstein&nbsp;has a wide background in business development, contract negotiation, strategic alliances, marketing and international/domestic sales channel management in the software/high tech industry. He has a number of years of entrepreneurial experience with knowledge of a number of different markets and a strong&nbsp;sense of customer&#39;s needs.&nbsp;</p> <p> <span style="line-height: 1.385em;">Evaluating and refining business models and reviewing business plans are a specialty. He knows how to help you evaluate your target market and determine the characteristics&nbsp;of your target customers. He will advise you on how to structure product and/or service offerings for a successful business. In addition,he can determine the best means to deliver the product and/or service in a cost effective manner using a variety of methods; both direct and indirect.</span></p> <p> He has consulted with inventors evaluating the commercial feasibility of markets and product development for a variety of patents. &nbsp;He was the COO of a fixed wireless broadband company focused on the Caribbean market. Mark was the VP of Business Development at a software industry non profit. He co-founded two software based startups: one was a supplier of tactical weather systems to the US military and international markets and the other a data acquisition measurement company for manufacturers.</p> <p> He has worked with several non profit organizations and has been on the board of a regional economic development agency. He is currently a trustee for a local college.</p>

Does Your Small Business Need a Lawyer?

or patent issues and theft or fraud were also named as key legal worries that small business owners have ... ...

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The SCORE Foundation Announces Creation of National Advisory Board Three New York Business Leaders Selected as Members

patents in the field of telecommunications and serves as chairman of Telecom Consultants, Inc. De ... ...


Eugene F Kierce

<p> Expert in Business Startups and very knowledgeable in Business Operations.A Certified Mentor for &nbsp;Bridgeport SCORE. BSEE<span> (Electronics Engineering) retired, as Manager Manufacturing Automation Systems for Black &amp; Decker (B&amp;D), and General Electric (14 years.), General Electric Corporate Consultant (</span>9yrs<span>), Senior Software Systems Analysis for General Electric Corp. (3 years.), Various Manufacturing, Quality and Engineering Positions (10 years.). His other business experience was as a partner in Deli Restaurant, Consultant for an IPO for Qualitative Reasoning System (Artificial Intelligence System). He also has a U.S. Patent on an Integrated Circuit Tester, is a IEEE Member - Artificial Intelligence Sub Group, wrote a Magazine Article on Automatic Test Equipment. Other activities include Shelton Board of Education (8 year.), Chairman of Shelton Apportionment &amp; Taxation (</span>8yrs<span>), and President of Shelton Senior Center (4 year.), Coast Guard Aux. Flotilla Commander (2 </span>yr<span>.), and U.S.C.G.A Coxswain (16 year.). Red Cross Life Saving Year 2000 Award (Rescued a father and 12 year. old son), Scoutmaster (3 year.), Cub Master, (5 year.), Explorer Leader (2 </span>yr<span>.), </span>Jr<span>. Little League coach, Tri-Cities Opera lighting designer (4 </span>yr<span>.), Living Word Ministries Usher &amp; Video Engineer - Weekly program on (Community TV) (7 year.).</span></p>

What to do First With a Great Business Idea

, file for a patent or write a business plan, heed these words: That’s not what you need to do ... ...

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<p> Have been a SCORE Mentor since 1992 and have helped clients to start or grow a small business. Started as Electrical Engineer, progressed to manufacturing, manufacturing and engineering management, then to general management including responsibilities for sales, marketing, manufacturing, financial performance. Began career with a small company and ended it with a multi- national. Have worked in Canada, Mexico and the US. As a SCORE Mentor I have helped clients planning to start small businesses such as Food Services, dry cleaning and laundry services, Nursing and Residential Care, Administration of Human Resource Programs, Electronic and Miscellaneous Manufacturing, Museums, Social Assistance etc. Also assisted clients on business plans, budgets, financial planning, funding, patents and copyrights, marketing and management.</p> <p> Was honored with a Platinum Leadership Award in April 2014 by SCORE.</p>

Vertigo, Inc. Reinvents Itself With the Help From SCORE

to its board. They are getting ready to set up a dedicated factory for the manufacture of their patented ... ...

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