Rising College Student Creates New Gadget for Horses

Mon, 2012-08-06 09:08 Not many people have invented something with a provisional patent by their 18th birthday.  Even fewer people can say they are president of their own company before they go to college.  Somer Hand can ... ...


What You Must Know About Business Valuation

intangible business assets such as patents, trademarks, employment agreements, copyrights and goodwill ... ...

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and discussed her options with mentors Michael Bozza and Claude Haggelberg. “They felt that with a patent ... ...

Success Story

Transducer USA

referred Gluszyk to a patent lawyer who determined that there would be no conflict with the existing ... ...

Success Story

Richard Werby

<p> Self employed for over 50 years, started 13 businesses, Tape &amp; Label mfg., Invented &amp; Patented and manufactured Packing List Envelopes, Pressure sensitive Tapes, Hot Melt Carpet Seaming Tape, Coating &amp; Laminating of Self Adhesive Materials, Car Rental Agencies, Gift Products, Emblemantic &amp; Premium Products, Income Real Estate Development, Ladies and Children&#39;s Accessories, T Shirt Shops, Invented &amp; marketed Printed Shoelaces, Exporting, Partnerships in several foreign countries. Licensed 26 different entities during my business career. PLEASE REMEMBER I AM NOT AN ATTORNEY AND CAN NOT ANSWER REAL LEGAL ISSUES Tufts University BA Economics</p>

Dr. Sumita B. Mitra

<p> I was trained in Chemistry and received my Ph.D. from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI and post-doctoral training at Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, OH. I have spent my entire professional career of nearly 32 years (1978-2010) at the 3M Company in St. Paul, MN. For 10 years (2000-2010) I was also Industrial Director of Minnesota Dental Research Center of Biomaterials and Biomechanics at the University of Minnesota. I retired from 3M in 2010. Since then I have set up a consulting company, Mitra Chemical Consulting, of which I am co-owner and partner along with my husband.</p> <p> During my 32 years tenure at 3M Company I was primary engaged in Research and Development. My expertise has been in identifying market needs and inventing new or identifying existing technologies to design and deliver new products to fulfill those needs. 3M is a diversified manufacturing company and major player in many industries and I have had the benefit of experience in several industries including adhesives, traffic safety products and healthcare. Much of my experience has been in the Health Care businesses of 3M, including medical devices and in the dental and orthodontic arena. I have had extensive expertise in strategic planning for these businesses and in starting new categories of products. I have extensive experience in leading multifunctional teams including laboratory, manufacturing, marketing and regulatory/ toxicological services. I am the sole or co-inventor of 79 patents and am intimately familiar with the intellectual property process. As one of the top scientists of 3M I have visited and worked with laboratories and customers in 45 countries. I have also led an integration team to complete a major international acquisition.</p> <p> Our present consulting company, Mitra Chemical Consulting LLC, has a goal of collaborative relationship with client companies to meet every aspect of our clients&rsquo; technological needs in a range of diverse industries including health-care, industrial and consumer products that require chemical/polymer expertise. We have helped many start-up businesses scope out technological feasibility and scope out inventions. I have also given courses on the innovation process at several prestigious universities and large corporations.</p>

Jerry L Jones

<p> International Sourcing and Sales Expert. &nbsp;Over 35 years sales and product development experience in both consumer product goods and business to business products and services, with specific expertise in importing and exporting.&nbsp; Owned a number of small businesses&nbsp;and is currently owner of many innovative product patents through his own company&nbsp;Shredderplus, LLC and sales vice president for Columbus Bench Advertising, an outdoor advertising company. &nbsp;I counsel SCORE clients in the areas of business strategy &amp; planning, manufacturing &amp; product development and sales and marketing. &nbsp;</p>

Herbert M Winkler

<p> &nbsp;</p> <p> &nbsp;</p> <p> <u>SUMMARY</u></p> <p> Expert in all aspects of apparel- manufacturing, wholesale, retail, marketing, sales ,fashion trends, merchandising ,promotion, as well as importing and exporting.Owner/CEO of Apparel Company with extensive experience in Children&#39;s, Men&#39;s and Women&#39;s fashion and&nbsp;private label clothing (mostly Jeans wear). Expertise in department , chain and discount store merchandising. Also in real estate management of Co-ops and Condos. I am available exclusively to clients in the metropolitan New York Area with face-to-face mentoring as the goal to develop a strategic plan for a successful apparel business.</p> <p> EXPERTISE INCLUDES:</p> <p> Branding, Business Plans, International Trade - Importing &amp; Exporting, Patents &amp; Trademarks, Retail, and Supply Chain. &nbsp;</p> <p> &nbsp;</p>

Jan W Boldt

<p> 30+ yrs in Product Development, Manufacturing, Supplier Development, and International Procurement for a Fortune 100 company. Experienced in mechanical and technical invention and Holder of U.S. Patents. Knowledge of product prototyping and simulation, as well as manufacturing efficiencies. International presenter for Environmentally sustainable manufacturing processes. Lived and worked in Asia and Europe. 20+ yrs in Commercial and residential real estate construction, planning, and management. Owner of small businesses, and consultant for cooperative owned housing and business structures. Experience in Agricultural Production, CSA, Transportation, Fabrication, Mechanics. MBA grad with focus on Entrepreneurship, Strategic Planning, and Rural Economic Development.</p>

Protecting an Idea

to share is the key. Companies do buy ideas that are patented or trademarked. In that case, you have ... ...

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