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You have a successful business but you want to take it to the next level. Perhaps you want to hire employees, perhaps you are thinking of opening a new office, or perhaps you are looking to invest in a new innovation. In this section you will find articles from experts in many different business areas to help you make the best decision.

Human Resources

  • How Obamacare Still Affects Your Small Business Everyone has an opinion about the Affordable Care Act (ACA), or what’s more commonly known as Obamacare. But, at this point, if you own a Today, we are offering you an overview of how the ACA affects your small business, and how you
  • When to Hire, When to Outsource HR for Your Global Small Business Congratulations, you’re running a global small business that is growing leaps and bounds. How do you decide when to hire employees and when Positions formerly reserved for in-house employees, such as those of a web developer, a designer
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    Office & Operations

  • Tips for Finding and Working with Wholesalers If you own a small retail store or service business, there’s a good chance you’ll
  • 12 Characteristics That Lead to Export Success So where do you start in exporting? As with any new business venture, you need to first take
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  • What to do BEFORE Negotiating Anything While most articles on negotiating (include one I recently wrote) focus on tactics during negotiations, less attention is paid to preparing Recently I came across some sound advice on pre-negotiation skills offered by Steven Blum, who
  • Overcoming Obstacles To Business Growth What’s holding your small business back from growth? According to a survey of small
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    Legal Issues

  • LIVE Webinar 8/26: What You Need To Know About Negotiating Your First Commercial Lease Are you starting a business and in the process of choosing a location? Are you in business and
  • eGuide to Small Business Hiring Building your team is an exciting step, but some aspects of hiring and managing workers could pose a challenge if you jump in without learning the Running a business on your own means you’re used to working long hours and juggling lots of
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  • Nonprofit Innovation Toolkits: Methods To Invent, Adopt, and Adapt Ideas to Deliver Better Results Lately, I’ve been obsessed with methods for facilitating innovation for nonprofits. It
  • What You Can Learn from the Secret of Silicon Valley Wouldn’t it be great if your startup or business could be as successful as Silicon Valley
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    Growth Strategies

  • Inside-Out Secrets of Growing Your Business Ever notice how some small businesses seem to thrive under just about any economic conditions, while others constantly struggle and miss Solid, long-term growth starts with what I call “inside-out” thinking – doing
  • Overcoming Obstacles To Business Growth What’s holding your small business back from growth? According to a survey of small
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    Business Plans

  • Getting Professional: A guide to forming PLLCs, PAs, and other professional entities About Professional Business Entities If you are considering forming your business as a professional corporation, professional limited liability Form a professional entity Here are some basic steps that will help you navigate the
  • Podcast: Buying a Business The SCORE Small Business Success Podcast features interviews with the best and brightest in the world of small business, covering topics There are many paths to entrepreneurship and buying a business is one option to consider. In this
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    Selling a Business

  • 10 Ways to Boost the Value of Your Business If you hope to sell your business someday – even far into the future – the time to think about increasing its value is now, not when Here are 10 ways to make your business more valuable: 1.   Don’t let it be just
  • What You Must Know About Business Valuation What’s your business worth? That’s a potentially important question for many reasons, not just selling. But most owners have only a Professional appraisers who regularly conduct business valuations say that owners err on both
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    Success Stories

  • SCORE Helps Integrated Marketing Werx Take Business to Next Level Marketing Case Study: Integrated Marketing Werx SCORE and MassMutual know how important it is to get good advice. That is why, for   Integrated Marketing Werx Owners Kathy Swanson​ Location San Antonio, TX​​
  • Time Management is Important When Running a Business Business Productivity Case Study: Chosen Resumes SCORE and MassMutual know how important it is to get good advice. That is why,   Chosen Resumes, LLC Owners Marni Vyn Location Grand Rapids, MI​​ Website www.
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    Green Business

  • Serving the Greater Good with a Triple Bottom Line Whether your business is a non-profit or for-profit, if you have a green business strategy you are also providing a public benefit by Whether your business is a non-profit or for-profit, if you have a green business strategy  
  • SBA's Improving Energy Use and Efficiency for Small Business Nationally small businesses spend more than $60 billion on energy each year. Small businesses that invest strategically can cut utility costs Many projects will require little expense. However, for those that require capital, SBA loan-
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    Government Contracting

  • How to Register for Government Contracting Here is a basic introduction to the steps necessary to get your business ready for government contracting. Register for Government Contracting Federal, state and local governments offer businesses the
  • SCORE Tip of the Week: How to Contract With the Federal Government Steve Feinman of SCORE Michigan offers tips for how to secure federal contracts for your small business. If you’re selling it, the U.S. government is buying it. In 2012, the federal government
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