7 Branding Tips for Small Businesses

Branding is done by all companies, regardless of xize- the only difference is how actively they do it. How do you define a brand? How do you conduct a brand audit? How do you keep your brand top of mind?  

BrandingMany entrepreneurs think of branding as something done by only very large companies, like Mercedes or  Nike. However, branding is done by all companies, regardless of size — the only difference is how actively  they do it. For small businesses, taking an active approach to branding is critical, and especially during a tight economy, says Gemini Babla, Director of Creative Services who oversees branding initiatives for Sony Electronics Inc. in the USA.

A brand is the set of impressions people have about a company that they may have gained through its  advertisements and other communications, the  experience of buying and using the company’s products  or services, and the interactions they have with the company itself. Companies manage their brand 
through careful presentation of an image to create a favorable perception and to differentiate themselves  from their competitors.

Babla, who oversees Sony’s internal and external brand activities, offers seven easy and inexpensive strategies to help small business owners develop their brand — and improve their bottom line. 

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